The Galaxy S7 edge in Blue Coral is trendy just as it is adventurous – adding a touch of
confidence in your colour palette


From striking blue-inspired #OOTDs and glamourous cerulean mermaid locks to smoky blue eyes and edgy cobalt lips, our creativity in setting trends are inspired by the play on colours. Yes, our colour palettes today are bolder and brighter; and it is indeed a reflection of our vibrant and adventurous personalities.

One of the most popular shades in our colour palettes is none other than the colour of freedom and inspiration. A shade of confidence, blue is a style expressed through fashion and an element that resembles adventure. It has become an increasing favourite for trends-setters and adventure-seekers as it resound with the fashionistas as well as explorers in us.

When creating the Galaxy S7 edge, Samsung made it certain that this device would gratify the trendy and active lifestyles in the digital and real world. The sleekly-designed Galaxy S7 edge delivers a differentiated mobile experience – featuring exceptional quality camera, upgraded IP68 resistance to water and dust, enhanced software functionality, powerful hardware performance as well as unsurpassed connectivity to a galaxy of services, products and experiences.


Now taking into account the ever more vivacious lifestyles we lead, Samsung went a step further by introducing a new glorious colour, Blue Coral that resonates perfectly with how we marry bold fashion and great adventures with remarkable technology. In Blue Coral, the Galaxy S7 edge becomes a more precise representation of confident individuals ready to explore new quests and set new trends. For fashionistas looking to add a touch of bold elegance to their stylish outfits and chic look, or adventurers diving into the blue to capture underwater beauty, there is never a better companion than the Galaxy S7 edge Blue Coral.

Truly the right fit for modern and adventurous lifestyles, the IP68 rating and capless ports give the Galaxy S7 edge both the freedom and power to resist dust and water as deep as 1.5m and up to 30 minutes, making it resilient enough for users to hike through mountains and explore magnificent waterfalls.


As the world’s 1st smartphone to incorporate Dual Pixel technology, the Galaxy S7 edge has brighter lens with wider aperture F1.7, bigger pixel, faster shutter speed and a more accurate autofocus – capable of producing photographs of DSLR quality whether in bright or low-light conditions. Now, taking spectacular photographs during the twilight blue hour is never more rewarding than with the Galaxy S7 edge.

Designed to power users through the day, the Galaxy S7 edge has a bigger battery capacity (3,600mAh) that allows for a full day of high mobile usage without users having to worry about re-charging – perfect for travellers. Packed with incomparable fast wired and wireless charging, charging time has reduced dramatically and is especially ideal for users who are always on-the-go.


As far as storage is concerned, the Galaxy S7 edge is equipped with a microSD card slot that can host up to 200GB of expandable storage, equivalent to almost 200 movies or 50,000 photos based on 1GB movie and 4MB photo. With this, users can store hundreds of summer vacation pictures or record countless runway shows to get inspiration for their next outfit.

Samsung inspires the world through innovation to help people in their daily lives, so that they gain new experiences and discover new possibilities. This is where the Galaxy S7 edge Blue Coral aims to fill the gap – by becoming a trendy piece of technology that allows us to indulge in life’s adventures yet experience mobile innovation at its best.

Dribblack: What do my new smartphone and my new design have in common? Sophistication. #myGalaxyS7edge Blue Coral inspires me to bring out the best of my artwork. #BlueisBoldDribblack: What do my new smartphone and my new design have in common? Sophistication. #myGalaxyS7edge Blue Coral inspires me to bring out the best of my artwork. #BlueisBold


Dududedoodle: Splashing the ocean onto #myGalaxyS7edge in the all new Blue Coral colour. Because #BlueisBold.

s7-edge-blue-coral_dududedoodle_v2Dududedoodle: “There is a big blue sky waiting behind the cloud.” Capture the moment with #myGalaxyS7edge BlueCoral. Because #BlueisBold.


InksAndLetters: I am so happy that I have   #myGalaxyS7edge Blue Coral especially when I go on vacations! Many memories to capture without having to worry about the phone space thanks to its expandable memory! Always makes me feel at ease when taking all those holiday photos.


Yunamusic: Choosing blue coral as my next new Samsung phone. Thanks Samsung for being so supportive of my work since the very beginning.. and today I still continue to achieve my endeavours with you.. Go forth and be bold!