Kuala Lumpur, 2 March 2017 – A marriage proposal is one of those life events that require the most thought in planning. We ponder on things like how to keep it a surprise and how to prove your love for your beloved. But most importantly, proving your readiness to live the rest of your life with your significant other is the key to her saying “yes”. So how can you do all the above? Here’s a suggestion – nothing describes a strong, lasting commitment quite like a brand new home, made ready for your beloved with only the best Samsung home appliances. This epic proposal will sweep your beloved off her feet and show that you are ready to start a wonderful family!


A well-designed kitchen can set the tone for a new home and will come in handy for the housewarming party you are about to host. Equip your kitchen with a Samsung Twin Cooling Plus™ Refrigerator as it stores and retains the freshness of your food, thanks to its two independent cooling systems that cool compartments separately. With a humidity level up to 70% in the fridge, you can keep your food for much longer. Paired with the Samsung HotBlast™ Smart Oven, designed with increased internal space to cook larger plates of food quickly, you and your significant other can cook great wholesome meals from fresh ingredients together!


For a fresher, cooler and cleaner environment within your new home, Samsung’s Triangle Air Conditioner and Air Purifier can do wonders! The Triangle Air Conditioner’s exclusive triangular design comes with 22% bigger fan size, capable of repelling heat swiftly and dispersing cool air all around your home. Clean the air from dusts, viruses and allergens with Samsung’s Air Purifier that works marvellously to protect your home and your family with its 4-steps purification system and Air Purity Display that monitors and indicates the real time air quality. With these two in your home, put your worries aside and cuddle up with your beloved in comfort!

For extra measure, deploy the trustworthy Samsung POWERbot robot vacuum cleaner to help you do concentrated cleaning on all surfaces of your new home! The POWERbot holds suction power of 20 times stronger than average robot vacuum cleaner and its smart enough to detect small obstacles across a wide area with minimal blind spots with the help of its built-in FullView Sensor™. Once cleaning is complete, or the battery is low, the POWERbot will guide itself back to the docking station for recharging.


Finally getting to live together is exciting and can spell meaningful moments for you and your partner through simple chores such as doing the laundry. Samsung AddWash Washing Machine fits the job description for new couples who are still caught up in the post-wedding buzz. Its SuperSpeed feature can complete a thorough washing session in just 59 minutes. This reduces time spent waiting on your laundry so you can have more time with each other. If you miss out a piece of clothing or two, you can simply add them in without interrupting the current wash cycle. Isn’t that fantastic!


The promise of matrimony is definitely a pledge of a lifetime and you can trust Samsung home appliances to deliver that promise to you and your future family. The proposal of a perfect home furnished with only the best Samsung home appliances and a promise of a meaningful future truly is the finest gift you can present to your significant other before embarking on a new life chapter together.

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