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When he’s not diagnosing ailments or helping patients get better, Dr. Powell Roy Louis is fulfilling his dream to see and absorb as much as he can through travel. His desire to explore and experience the world has taken him to far flung places and he takes his Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra with him to give him the ability to work and play while on-the-go.


“Travel allows me to understand my own strengths in terms of planning and organising, adapting to new places and appreciating people from different cultural backgrounds. Travel has also transformed me into a much more creative person despite coming from a medical background. I started making digital content from my traveling experiences by editing photos, videos and writing blogs during my past time,” said Powell.



On his recent trip to Amsterdam and London, Dr. Powell made sure work matters were still addressed by transforming the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra into a desktop with Samsung DeX.


“With Samsung DeX, the transition from entertainment to work mode is super smooth. This feature comes in a standalone manner, without having to connect to another device, that converts the interface akin to a desktop. Therefore, when I am planning to write blogs or browsing for work purposes I switch on DeX for a seamless PC-like experience,” said Powell.


The ability to open and refer to multiple windows and apps is definitely a productivity enhancer. As such, Powell found the Split View feature an ideal tool for his content creation.



“For a person who loves to listen to songs and watch videos while writing my blogs, I can easily have up to three active apps, with Split View, running simultaneously on my screen. This makes it easy for me to complete my task while browsing through my playlist without having to minimise or maximise running apps,” he added.


After a long day of touring and exploring, Powell will sometimes unwind in his hotel room by catching up on his favourite shows. For this, he uses his Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra to immerse himself in a vivid world.


“The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra has certainly lived up to expectations, the big and vibrant display is surely what people want to see on a tablet. Another extraordinary feature are the Quad Speakers with built-in Dolby Atmos® sound that creates a realistic listening experience. I can now watch Netflix movies and Youtube videos on my Tab without having to compromise the feeling of watching them on a television,” said Powell.


To explore the many features on the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra that can make your vacation memorable, visit: https://www.samsung.com/my/tablets/galaxy-tab-s/galaxy-tab-s8-ultra-wifi-graphite-256gb-sm-x900nzajxme/


To watch Powell use his Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra as a PC-like device, watch his video on: https://r1.community.samsung.com/t5/tablets/ultimate-pc-like-experience-with-the-samsung-galaxy-tab-s8-ultra/td-p/16442835

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