An Immersive Sound Experience at Home Soundbar vs Sound Tower, How to Decide for Your Living Area?


Equipping your home with speakers can sometimes take up a lot of the space in your living room, but everyone loves watching a great movie on a big screen with an immersive speaker’s system. Thankfully, Samsung soundbars and sound towers can provide you with that solution. The Samsung range of soundbars and sound towers gives you a sleek and stylish design that produces immersive sounds and looks super stylish to match your home décor.

With a Samsung soundbar or even a sound tower, you will encounter a high-quality experience. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but Samsung’s soundbars and sound towers are also the undisputed masters of mainstream multi-room audio and sound absolutely fantastic with both movies and music.

So, whether you have a dedicated theatre room planned or thinking of upgrading your weeknight living room movie night, Samsung has an excellent soundbar and sound tower covering whatever space and budget you have.

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Whether you are looking for a soundbar or sound tower with a subwoofer to watch action movies or a sound bar that will fit under your TV rack, Samsung has something for everyone.

Here are some lists to help you choose either a Samsung soundbar or sound tower:

Soundbar perks

  • The soundbar is simply sleek and easy to set up with a seamless design.
  • You can easily pair your soundbar with selected Samsung TVs using a seamless mount kit, no need to drill additional holes.
  • The Samsung latest 11.1.4-channel model features two rear surround channels, an epitome in audio technology innovation, comes with Samsung’s signature Q-Symphony technology.
  • The soundbars come packed with Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X, Game Mode, and hassle-free wireless connection.
  • The Tap Sound feature allows the music from your smartphone to be sent directly to the Q Soundbar with just a tap.

Sound Tower perks

  • The new Sound Tower line-up features Bi-directional sound that disperses sound evenly, covering a wider range.
  • It also delivers exceptionally loud and crisp sound quality with no distortion at high volumes, even at a power output ranging from 500 watts and 1,500 watts.
  • Sound Tower brings life to any party through exceptionally loud and crisp sound quality with their 1,500-watt output, built-in woofer and bi-directional sound.
  • These speakers offer everything one needs for a party – Dynamic Bass, DJ effect, Karaoke and LED Party Lights.
  • The Samsung MX-T70 and MX-T50 Sound Tower series are specially designed for in-home entertainment, spanning musical gigs to small gatherings to movie watching with family.
  • These are superior speakers that spot the next-generation premium design, which will grab the attention of guests.
  • The Sound Tower series will surely take party anthems to the next level and allow consumers to enjoy deep bass for those dance floor-filling tunes.

Now you know and are better equipped to embark on your quest for a more pleasant and immersive audio experience. Both Samsung Sound Tower or Sound Bar most definitely will be able to give you the most memorable movie night or just relaxing listening to your favourite tune. You can read more on the speakers here:


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