Photos and videos are your eyes to the world. They capture memories, emotions, and stories that you can relive over and over. Every important milestone in your life deserves to be immortalised. Even the little things you do day-to-day are worth documenting, like catching up with old friends, family game night, a typical day at work, your OOTD, or that TikTok dance challenge.


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In a sea of aesthetically perfect Instagram feeds, you need to raise the stakes and create content that will make them go, “Aweeeesome!” And now, flagship-like camera capabilities you’ve always been dreaming of comes to the all-new Galaxy A series!



Nightography gets awesome


For the first time ever, Samsung introduces best-in-class Nightography capabilities to the new Galaxy A54 5G. Say good riddance to noisy and blurry nighttime shots because the 56% wider pixel size on the camera lets you capture the awesome, with vivid and clear photos and videos in low light conditions.


Meanwhile, the Auto Night feature on both the Galaxy A54 5G and Galaxy A34 5G automatically transitions to ‘night mode’ by measuring the amount of light around the object. Go camera cray awe-night long and relive the wild parties #withGalaxy.


Whether people want to capture the perfect selfie or connect through super-smooth video calls, the Galaxy A54 offers astonishing detail thanks to the 32MP front camera.



Ready, steady, shoot

Blur-less night photos and steady, crisp videos are within reach thanks to the upgraded Enhanced Imaging on both the Galaxy A54 5G and Galaxy A34 5G cameras. The 1.6x wider OIS mechanically moves the image sensor in response to any shaking detected, while the VDIS which is upgraded to 833Hz on the Galaxy A54 and 500Hz on the Galaxy A34, digitally reduces the level of blurring or distortion in videos caused by unsteady movements.


Additionally, both models come with an Auto Framing feature, which automatically adjusts the angle of view and zooms in up to five people when you’re recording a video. What’s more, the Galaxy A54 5G offers Precise Focusing, which shoots sharp low light shots and films with the 100% All-pixel AF that quickly finds the focus.



Post-production party


Turn any photo and video from drab to fab with the AI Image Enhancer on the Galaxy A54 5G and Galaxy A34 5G. The enhanced Photo and GIF Remaster makes magic with an improved image detector with a new engine optimised for low light, HDR, noise, and more. The newly added GIF Remaster reduces the noise level for clearer GIF quality. Work the enhanced Object Eraser to remove unwanted shadows, reflection, and photobombers with improved segmentation and inpainting performance.


The Galaxy A series enables seamless sharing with Quick Share and One Drive, so that you can keep on editing photos and videos anywhere, on any Galaxy device.


Versatile and accessible to all, the Galaxy A54 5G and Galaxy A34 5G is your gateway to premium experiences, with awesome Galaxy flagship-features that you’ll absolutely love. Experience the awesome awe-day and awe-night now!


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