After nearly two years of working from home, some of us are starting to cautiously return to office buildings and shared workspaces. While some might have mixed feelings about this transition, it is fair to say that not many will miss working from their dining table or makeshift home office.


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Having a dedicated workspace is imperative to creating a conducive environment that allows us to perform at our best. Increasingly, workers are looking for multi-functional devices that value versatility without sacrificing performance. As we make our way back to the office, it’s time to evaluate our workstation set-up.



Maximize productivity and enhance entertainment

Everyone knows the benefits of having a second monitor to extend your laptop screen—take this another step further with a smart monitor that combines a seamless blend of work and play in a single, sleek, and sophisticated display unit. Samsung’s M5 and M7 Smart Monitors come in varying screen sizes to suit your needs, ranging from 24” to 43”.


The monitor with an Ultra-HD screen lets you access Smart TV apps and streaming services from the monitor, so there’s no need to connect a separate device. With the PC on Screen[1] feature, you can also access the Microsoft 365 suite without a PC connection, allowing you to conveniently view, edit, and save documents in the cloud. Even while at home, Easy Connection feature lets you work remotely on your office desktop.

A mobile screen is great on the go, but why strain your eyes when there is a better option? Using the DeX[2] feature, wirelessly connect your mobile device to the Smart Monitor and enjoy a full PC experience, without an actual PC. DeX will display your mobile productivity apps, including video conferencing, email, documents, and browsers, in a desktop view—and all you need is the monitor and your phone.


For Apple users, you can connect your devices with AirPlay2, allowing seamless integration with the Smart Monitor. Improve your workflow by creating a wireless dual monitor setup with your MacBook or enjoy photos, videos, and music from your iPad or iPhone.





Efficiency at its best

During a busy workday full of meetings and presentations, there’s no time to waste on auxiliary actions such as looking for adapters or fiddling with connections. With Automatic Source Switch+, your monitor detects and switches to newly connected devices as soon they’re plugged in. This also means that multiple people can take turns connecting to the monitor with minimal fuss, making this the perfect tool for collaborative work sessions.


Additionally, the SolarCell remote[3] works with Bixby to control the Smart Monitor, allowing you to switch between apps, control videos, and more. Just press and hold the Voice Assistant button on your remote and then say your command. If you’re concerned about your eco-footprint, then say goodbye to disposable batteries. With a solar-powered, all-in-one remote included, the Smart Monitor delivers eco-friendly efficiency with charging from indoor sunlight, lightbulbs, or a USB-C connection. The remote has been partially crafted from recycled plastic for enhanced sustainability.


Having a Smart Monitor that connects everything benefits both your team and your business at large. Your team can now share projects and data on a single device, without having to navigate multiple platforms or perform inter-device transfers. Be it on a desk or in a meeting room, this minimalist monitor will fit right into any office setting and become a fast favourite among working teams.



[1] Windows 10 Pro, Mac OS 10.5, or higher, and compatible network settings are required for this feature.
[2] Wireless DeX is supported on selected Galaxy, Note, and Tab devices.
[3] Only applicable to 43’’ M7 Smart monitor

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