Boost your gaming experience with Samsung’s latest and most innovative monitors and TVs

Play your best game by pairing it with the right display – Samsung QLED 8K TV


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Video gaming has emerged as one of the hottest pastimes during a period where many of us are spending more time at home. What’s interesting is that many people have also become casual gamers for the first time in their lives.


Whether new or seasoned, video gamers are always chasing after higher scores, completing new challenges while optimising their game experiences. To become a better gamer, it is not just about practice and patience, but also the best gears to create a smoother gaming experience.


For PC gamers, having a PC with the best graphics card and fast processing speeds is a no brainer. For console gamers, it is about optimising the performance of your console, or even investing in the latest consoles.


What can give consummate gamers across different platforms the extra edge is having a monitor and TV that are purpose-built for gaming. These displays usually come with high refresh rates and super-fast response times. Simply put, you will be faster and more responsive during player-vs-player game modes or first-person shooters[1], or be mesmerised in beautifully crafted virtual worlds.


Here are two displays from Samsung to put you at the top of your game:


Dominate with Lightning-Quick Responses and Eagle Eye Acuity

The Samsung Odyssey G9 is a marvel to look at, featuring a sleek, cutting-edge design that will not look out of place in any sci-fi movie. And it’s a beast when it comes to performance, harnessing all of its technical prowess and capabilities for a visually enthralling gaming experience.


The sleek design of the Odyssey G9 complements any setting, be it the home office, or gaming den


Spotting targets in the dark or characters making sudden movements using the cover of shadows is unbelievably easy with the Odyssey G9, thanks to the Dual Quad High-Definition 5,120 x 1,440 resolution and VESA-certified HDR1000 screen. It has a refresh rate of 240Hz, 1ms response time, supports NVIDIA G-SYNC® Compatibility and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro on DP1.4 to get the most out of graphically demanding gameplay found in racing or raid-based games. It is also the perfect monitor to use for first-person shooter games where split-second decision-making is imperative to your survival.


Size is also another key factor for gaming displays. This is especially so for open-world RPG gamers, where having that additional screen real estate allows you to fit more content on the screen, such as a larger map or having a better view of combat scenes. This is where the Odyssey G9 stands out – its ultra-wide 49-inch screen completely envelops one’s field of vision. It is also the first monitor in market to feature a deep 1000R curvature (certified by TUV Rheinland[2] for eye comfort) that fills up users’ field of view whereby everything on-screen is equal distance from your eyes and refocusing your vision when panning from end-to-end requires little to no effort.  So instead of having to scroll across the screen when trying to find an item inventory during gameplay, it’s there in full view for you to see with the Odyssey G9.


Samsung Odyssey G9’s curved 1000R and expansive 49” screen offers crystal clear clarity and accurate colour reproduction, taking you right into the action


Keeping Up with Next Generation Video Gaming Consoles

Avid console gamers eagerly waiting for the latest Xbox and PlayStation consoles to drop should also consider upgrading their TVs to maximise the immersive gaming experience these consoles can deliver.   The latest 2020 Samsung QLED 8K TVs are great, obvious choices for those seeking hyper-realistic experiences, especially with Real Game Enhancer+[3] feature, which reduces halo and blur in fast moving game scenes.



Real Game Enhancer+[4]  feature on Samsung QLED 8K TVs delivers smoother gameplay with minimal motion blur and halo effects

Boasting high-resolution visuals with a high 120Hz refresh rate coupled with Quantum Dot Technology for 100% Real Colour, the Samsung QLED 8K TVs adds detail and realism to virtually any game. These next-generation QLED TVs utilise AI technology to offer an adaptive screen experience that automatically adjusts brightness levels to deliver picture perfect definition with distinctive detail, making it easier to identify objects and enemies in dark scenes at any time of the day.


A game’s soundtrack can make or break a game, and horror games are the best genre to highlight it. With the cinematic Object Tracking Sound +[5] (OTS+) feature, sounds travel dynamically as it follows an object’s movement around the screen, allowing you to react quicker and avoid being maimed by some unspeakable terror in-game.


Better Gaming and More

Gamers who are simply looking to elevate their gameplay can rely on having the correct hardware to help them achieve perfect kills. The only drawback to having screens as powerful as the Odyssey G9 and the QLED 8K TVs? You can no longer blame your poor gaming performance on your monitors and TVs. If anything, just put down the keyboard or controller, kick back, and enjoy great streaming content with these displays instead.



[1] This was conducted under Samsung testing standards and may differ in real-life usage environments.
[2] TÜV Rheinland is a leading international certification organization which recognized the Odyssey monitors with Eye Comfort certificate.
[3] Real Game Enhancer+ is available on select game consoles.
[4] Real Game Enhancer+ is available on select game consoles.
[5]Object Tracking Sound + is available on select game consoles.
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