KOTA KINABALU, 25 JUNE 2024 – In conjunction with World Oceans Day 2024, and in collaboration with Borneo Marine Research Institute (“BMRI”), Universiti Malaysia Sabah (“UMS) for their Ocean Celebration 2024, Canon Marketing Malaysia (“Canon”) delivered a special program: the “Exploring Ocean Awareness Through Photography” workshop and photo exhibition led by renowned underwater photographer and Canon’s own EOS Master, Ipah Uid Lynn. This impactful initiative aimed to not only inspire but empower participants and raise public awareness about the critical need for ocean conservation. 

Fueled by her passion for underwater photography, Ipah led the captivating workshop on June 24, 2024, at the Azman Hashim UMS Gallery, Universiti Malaysia Sabah. Open to a diverse group of participants from government agencies, NGOs, universities, and the general public, the workshop aimed to equip attendees with essential skills for capturing the beauty of the underwater world. Ipah delved into key techniques for successful aquatic photography while emphasizing responsible practices that minimize human impact on these delicate ecosystems. Through this initiative, Canon Malaysia hopes to cultivate a deeper appreciation for Malaysia’s renowned marine biodiversity, inspiring participants to become advocates for ocean conservation.

Running alongside the workshop was a captivating photo exhibition featuring inspiring underwater photographs printed by Canon’s imagePROGRAF Pro Series. Through these breathtaking images, Ipah brought to life the awe-inspiring beauty and delicate nature of our oceans. The exhibition served as a powerful reminder of the critical need for marine conservation and a deeper understanding of the vital role our oceans play in the health of our planet.

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“At Canon, we firmly believe in the power of imaging to inspire positive change,” said Calvin Liew, Head of Kota Kinabalu Branch, Canon Marketing Malaysia. “This workshop and photo exhibition embodies our ‘Kyosei’ philosophy of living and working together for the common good. By equipping participants with the knowledge to capture the wonders of the underwater world and showcasing Ipah’s captivating imagery, we hope to ignite a passion for marine conservation and inspire action to protect our precious oceans.”

Marking a successful step into ocean conservation initiatives, Canon is thrilled with the positive response to the “Exploring Ocean Awareness Through Photography” program. Witnessing the deep engagement from participants and the captivating visuals showcased in the exhibition solidified the power of visual storytelling in raising awareness for critical environmental issues. This program aligns perfectly with Canon’s broader commitment to sustainability, exemplified by initiatives like the Nationwide ‘One Canon One Tree’ campaign and the tree adoption drive at Taman Tugu. Canon Malaysia remains steadfast in its mission to foster a more sustainable future through impactful programs and technology.

Speaking at the launch of Ocean Celebration 2024 at the Azman Hashim UMS Gallery, UMS Vice-Chancellor, Professor Datuk Dr. Kasim Hj Mansor, encouraged the public to safeguard and rejuvenate the vitality of the oceans, securing a more promising future for generations to come.

Canon and BMRI aim to continue their collaborative efforts in promoting ocean conservation and inspiring responsible action. Together, they hope to empower individuals and encourage a collective responsibility to protect our planet’s vital marine ecosystems. For more information about Canon’s environmental and corporate social responsibility initiatives, visit: my.canon/en/consumer/web/company-about-csr.

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