Five new notebooks upgraded with 16GB RAM, WiFi-6 and FullView Display

KUALA LUMPUR, 14 April 2021 – HUAWEI today announced the upcoming arrival of the HUAWEI MateBook 2021 Series with all-rounder upgrades including 11th Intel Generation, 16GB RAM, Wifi-6 and FullView Display in Malaysia very soon.  The five is part of the brand’s comprehensive ecosystem for a seamless AI Life experience based on the innovative “1+8+N” strategy and in celebration of HUAWEI’s 5th anniversary of HUAWEI PC in the industry.

“One Step Faster” Upgrades Coming Soon

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Bringing consumers exciting new features, the latest members of the HUAWEI MateBook 2021 Series includes upgrades of the HUAWEI MateBook D 14, HUAWEI MateBook D 15 10th Edition, HUAWEI MateBook D 15 11th Edition, HUAWEI MateBook 14 and HUAWEI MateBook X Pro. Malaysians can be one step faster with HUAWEI’s cutting-edge technologies with aesthetic and minimalistic design, light in weight and portability, bezel-less and FullView Display as well as Multi-Screen collaboration.

The Era of Intelligence: HUAWEI as the pioneer of All-Scenario Experiences

Through the “1+8+N” Strategy that was first announced in 2019, the brand promises to create a world where everything works together seamlessly, intelligently and effortlessly – creating an all-scenario intelligent lifestyle for consumers with its ecosystem. Despite the challenges, HUAWEI aims to bring smart technology, cross-platform collaboration and solutions to one place, delivering a unified experience for everyone. The seamless collaboration between devices allow consumers to explore an all-scenario experience, boost productivity and create meaningful interactions.

Marking Five Years of Success in PC Industry

HUAWEI made its debut in the PC industry in 2016 and has led the industry forward and development through technological innovations ever since. Becoming one of the top brands in the notebook market share, as well as the top 2 brands in the notebook market share in China, HUAWEI took the leap by introducing its first 2-in-1 MateBook at Mobile World Congress (MWC).

HUAWEI further developed its full notebook with beauty defined by efficiency with the HUAWEI MateBook X in 2017. The following year, HUAWEI strengthened its innovation achievement with its bezel-less screen, through the world’s first full-screen notebook with the HUAWEI MateBook X Pro.

HUAWEI made its name in the PC industry thanks to three important factors below:

  • Design: Putting its benchmark against others, HUAWEI MateBook Series focuses on an aesthetic and minimalist design approach. To provide a borderless and vivid experience, the ultra light notebooks feature a HUAWEI FullView Display with not only achieving an edge-to-edge screen, but also leading the industry with a stunning screen-to-body ratio of up to 91%.


  • Innovation: HUAWEI leverages on its knowledge of smartphones and applied it to notebooks using cutting-edge technologies. While every brand still requires a two-step login process, HUAWEI features a 2-in-1 fingerprint instead and a power on button to enhance one’s security, reducing the log in time. The notebooks are equipped with Shark Fin 2.0 design to effectively optimize air flow and dissipate heat, cooling the laptop rapidly and quietly.


  • Intelligence: HUAWEI pioneers in all-scenarios experience by introducing the HUAWEI Share and Multi-screen Collaboration. The seamless collaboration between devices help put HUAWEI in a unique position, setting itself apart from the rest. Consumers do not require cables to transfer files, they can drag and share the files by simply mirroring their HUAWEI smartphone screen onto the HUAWEI notebook.


Since then, HUAWEI has grown tremendously and this year, the HUAWEI MateBook Series marks 5 years of excellence through a consumer-oriented approach and the brand’s commitment to deliver quality design and experience.

Stay tuned to HUAWEI Facebook and HUAWEI Official Website for more information.

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