Colour influences our reactions and choices gives us a unique personality that expresses our intent of purchase. Because of this, Samsung Malaysia is releasing more colours to let us echo our inner persona!


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We are delighted to announce the arrival of Galaxy S20 Ultra Cloud White and Galaxy Buds+ Blue that will meet your lifestyle needs and enable you to express yourself because life is art and we all need to live in colours.



The Cloud White is a breath of fresh air – as it gives a minimalist and streamlined perspective with the side metal frame blending naturally into the rear glass due to its similar shade. If you are looking for a crisp and clean look while emulating modernity and brilliance, this is the colour variant to go for!



And why not pair it with the all-new Galaxy Buds+ Blue that is light, youthful and comes in an eye-catching blue that will compliment your daily appearance. Blue and white will never go out of style, bringing you a fresh and polished feel to start your day off right.


The Galaxy S20 and Buds+ work together to provide a seamless experience through the Galaxy ecosystem. Listen to your favorite music or stream the latest Netflix straight from your smartphone to your earbuds, all without pushing a single button.


Head over to the Samsung Malaysia E-store or any Samsung Experience stores today. The Galaxy S20 Ultra Cloud White and Galaxy Buds+ Blue are available at the recommended retail price of RM4,999 (128GB) and RM599 respectively.


For more information, please visit and

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