TM Roh outlines Samsung’s approach to continuing its leadership in the mobile market and credits the success of the Galaxy S23 series to its innovative features that set a new standard in premium smartphone experiences

During a recent visit to Vietnam, TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience (MX) Business at Samsung Electronics, shared his thoughts on the state of the mobile industry, expressing confidence that continuous innovation and creation of unique experiences will be key in reinforcing Samsung’s leadership position.


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Despite the current economic climate, global sales of the Galaxy S23 series have been highly positive. TM Roh believes that this was made possible with the coming together of several new mobile innovations developed based on consumer feedback, which sets a new standard in premium smartphone experiences. This includes the advanced camera features in the Galaxy S23 series smartphones, represented by Nightography; smooth gaming experience backed by the devices’ powerful performance; convenient, easy-to-use One UI 5.1; the use of environmentally friendly recycled materials in the Galaxy S23 series and optimization of third-party apps through open collaborations with global partners.


He reiterated that more than ever, consumers are now placing reliability on the top of their list of must-haves. TM Roh said, “Our consumers are looking for more reliable products, reliable brands, and premium high-end products that can provide a good experience.”



Three-pronged Approach to Lead in the Mobile Market

Noting that this user preference trend would be one for the long term, he laid out a three-pronged approach that Samsung is taking to effectively respond to challenges in the mobile market, and at the same time, pave the way for Samsung to reinforce its position as a market leader:


  • Premium Quality: With Samsung’s flagship mobile devices at the core of this strategy, Samsung is focused on continuously improving the product quality of all Samsung Galaxy devices, ensuring that they deliver not just on the user experience, but also in empowering consumers to work better the way they want to.
  • Enabling New Experiences and Possibilities: Samsung is focusing its efforts on enabling consumers with new experiences and possibilities through their innovative line-up of Galaxy products by continuously creating and providing new innovations and experiences not just in hardware innovations, but also in software and AI, that only Samsung can provide.


For example, Samsung not only pioneered the folding smartphone category but also took foldables mainstream, with the product category growing in popularity globally. This focus on premium experiences is also being driven by features such as the large screen experience on the Galaxy Z Fold series, the enhanced pocketability and selfie experience on the Galaxy Z Flip series, as well as the excellent Nightography and camera capabilities of the Galaxy S23 series, made possible through innovations in AI technology.



  • A Galaxy for Everyone: Finally, as much as smartphones are now a part of our everyday lives, there are still many consumers out there who have yet to own a smartphone. As such, Samsung wants to make Galaxy devices more accessible to all, and at more affordable price points, to help more users to live their best lives.


In Vietnam, Samsung has recently launched Samsung Finance+, which allows customers to own Samsung Galaxy mobile devices with quick, convenient, and assured micro-financing options provided by financial partners, at Samsung Experience Stores. Samsung Finance+ is currently also available to consumers in Thailand and Indonesia.



Delivering Great Mobile Experiences for All

“At the MX Business in Samsung Electronics, our goal is to provide a great experience to meet the needs of consumers, both now and in the future, through products of various segments,” emphasized TM Roh.


Guided by a firm understanding of the needs and preferences of consumers from different regions and segments, we want to ensure that we are delivering various quality mobile experiences that consumers want. This is especially important in the diverse markets of the Southeast Asia and Oceania region.


“For consumers who are looking for premium smartphones, we offer the Galaxy S series and foldable devices. For those looking for something more affordable yet be able to enjoy mobile experiences powered by 5G connectivity, we have the Galaxy A series,” he explained.



Innovating for the Future

Looking ahead, TM Roh said that consumers across Southeast Asia and Oceania and globally are increasingly expecting a more seamless device experience, centered on the ubiquitous smartphone.


He cites the Galaxy ecosystem, with smartphones, wearables, and tablets, as an example of this unmatched, continued experience that can simplify consumers’ lives. “We’ve strengthened our entire multi-device experience to allow Galaxy devices to better connect with our TV line and home appliances such as air conditioners, and refrigerators. This is one of our biggest strengths that differentiates the Galaxy ecosystem from competitors. We will continue to build a more powerful and seamless multi-device experience, including strengthening localization efforts to optimize how technology can blend into the everyday for our users through our SmartThings platform.”


TM Roh believes that there is still much potential to innovate in the mobile market across many areas. The innovation of form factors, such as foldables, will enrich the whole ecosystem, driving the development of third-party apps and new user experiences and that continue to redefine the limits of what a mobile device can do.


He also mentioned how the partnership with Google and Qualcomm, announced at Galaxy Unpacked 2023, will explore new possibilities for extended reality (XR) applications, while the creation of new AI-powered services and content, or intelligent in-vehicle experiences and even smarter home appliances, will also contribute towards smartphone innovation in the years to come.


“We will be kept busy bringing new innovations to our consumers. The whole smartphone and mobile industry will continue to evolve and grow in the future.”

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