PETALING JAYA, 25 April 2024 – With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), the issue of trust continues to gather prominence as a paramount societal concern. The unintended consequences of digital innovation have been well documented, with technology companies and policymakers now faced with the duty of addressing these issues through a combination of measures, including awareness, self-regulation, and government mandates – all while continuing to explore new frontiers of digital innovation for socio-economic advancement.

In proactively addressing these dilemmas, cross-industry leaders and experts converged at the second edition of CelcomDigi’s Trust Circle forum. Co-hosted with the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), the forum aimed to encourage deeper discourse on promoting responsible data practices across organisations and collectively safeguarding our digital future in an increasingly AI-enabled world.

Experts from CelcomDigi, MCMC, Microsoft Malaysia, KPJ Healthcare, IIS Partners, Cisco, MIMOS and International Islamic University Malaysia shared insights on the risks AI trends pose to customer data protection, the importance of future-proofing privacy programmes within organisations, building public trust with responsible use of AI, and the role of leaders in driving accountability in adopting innovation of emerging technologies.

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According to the 2024 Edelmen Trust Barometer*, technology businesses are the most trusted to do what is right when introducing innovation into society, including technologies like AI, and that organisational leaders need to take a stand on emerging ethical concerns. This insight presents an opportunity for the Trust Circle forum of multi-industry professionals to raise the standards of privacy and data protection practices within corporate Malaysia.

In building a more secure, trustworthy and responsible business, CelcomDigi’s Chief Executive Officer Datuk Idham Nawawi emphasised that strong data governance and accountability are key components in building trust in the age of AI.

“Addressing the issue of trust is more critical than ever in the age of AI because of the extensive data sets it collects from various public sources. While AI has the beneficial ability to create a wide range of innovations, this capability raises significant concerns relating to privacy, security, authenticity, copyrights, and other vital areas of concern. It is imperative to be transparent in both the way data is managed and the risk factors involved in order to build trust as we adopt such technologies.

“In this environment, like others, telecoms operators like CelcomDigi have a crucial role to play in building digital trust. Privacy and data protection remains core to everything we do for our customers – with zero compromise when it comes to safeguarding the trust placed in us. In addition to having the right internal controls when deploying new technologies, it is crucial for organisations to select partners with strong records of data stewardship, use trusted technology platforms, keep pace with evolving regulations and drive high standards in data governance. We believe this is a shared responsibility of the entire ecosystem – the government, data and governance professionals, and industry leaders. It is a significant step in fostering public confidence and collectively building trust in our digital future.”

Converging a diverse community of experts from various industries including regulators, telecommunications, technology, healthcare, finance and academic institutions, the Trust Circle serves as a pivotal platform for strong collaboration. Beginning with a community of over 20 organisations in November 2023, the Trust Circle has expanded to more large organisations and public agencies, reaffirming the emphasis and commitment to a whole-of-society approach in building trust and raising standards in an AI-enabled world.

*Full report of 2024 Edelmen Trust Barometer –

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