For most of us, remote working has become the norm since the past year. As industry experts expect working from home to stay even in the future, a new model of hybrid working has emerged – one which features the best of both worlds – marrying the ability to collaborate with colleagues in the office regularly while enjoying the benefits of working from home on other days.


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As your office space is likely to become a permanent fixture in your home, you might want to consider improving your home workspace if you have not done so yet. Here are three hacks to transforming your home into a productive space for work and play.


1. Tweak the home office set-up to improve work efficiency

With the right investments and hacks, working from home can now be even more productive.


Power up your workspace

Confining your productive space to a small laptop screen for hours at end can be tough on the eyes, shoulders and neck. This is where having a monitor to extend your laptop screen comes in.


The Samsung Smart Monitor allows users to toggle seamlessly between work and entertainment


Take work productivity to the next level with the Samsung Smart Monitor, which brings together an unprecedented suite of features for work, learning and entertainment in a single display. With the Smart Monitor, you can access Microsoft Office 365 applications[1] without a PC connection, meaning you can view, edit and save documents in the cloud directly from a bigger screen.


Meanwhile, you can continue to get more work done on your smartphone, including checking emails or even taking notes with the Galaxy S Pen[2].


For a complete desktop experience using a mobile device, you can also connect your smartphone to the monitor with Samsung DeX[3] and use mobile productivity apps, such as video conferencing and documents, to unlock a full PC experience without a PC.


After sending out your last email for the day, reward yourself by streaming your favorite content on Netflix, YouTube and Prime Media via the Smart Monitor’s Entertainment Hub[4] with just the simple click of a button or sound of your voice[5] on the supplied remote control.


Create work zones and design regular routines to maximize productivity

Most of our homes are designed foremost for resting and spending time with loved ones. If the workspace that you have carved out at home is amongst these spaces, it may draw you away from being productive at work. Simply put, you might feel tempted to slide back under the covers if you are working right next to your bed.


Therefore, it is important to create a workspace that can help you get into ‘work mode’ easily. If you don’t have a spare room that can be purpose-fitted into a home office, you can still make do with your existing space by creating a workspace in a quiet corner of a room that faces away from temptations such as the bed or TV.


To help, you can also consider committing to a set work schedule and letting your colleagues know your work hours. While working from home, try dressing up professionally during your work hours and dressing down after you’re done with work.


It is also important to take short breaks in between work throughout the day. A quick game on your smartphone or the Samsung Smart Monitor via Tap View[6], which lets you connect your personal mobile device with just a simple tap, can help boost productivity. However, do remember to stick to allocated break times!


2. More focus, less distraction

Increase your productivity of working from home by being fully present and aware of what you are doing and trying not to be overwhelmed by what’s going on around you.


Create less distraction while at work

One of the biggest distractions while working from home is having to manage home chores and household activities.


To minimize routine distractions, download the Samsung SmartThings[7] app, which lets you control an entire ecosystem of devices[8] at home from the convenience of your smartphone. Whether its checking on deliveries through the camera of your smart doorbell, setting the right room temperature or checking on the status of your laundry, the possibilities are endless with SmartThings!


Samsung’s SmartThings app integrates an entire universe of partner devices via an all-in-one platform


Let the machines do the heavy lifting

A clean environment is foundational to a clear mind, but chores can be time consuming. Invest in products that do the heavy lifting for you, while you stay productive at your desk.


For starters, the Jet Bot AI+ with Intel A.I. Driving robot vacuum cleaner is a nifty gadget that can be left running while you work at your desk. Meanwhile, the Front Load Washer with AI Ecobubble™ , 10KG Washing Machine completes your daily wash in only 39 minutes[9], making laundry a breeze so you can focus on work.


The Samsung Jet Bot AI+ with Intel A.I Driving cleans efficiently and thoroughly


3. Maintain fitness and wellness

The advanced algorithm on the Galaxy Watch3 analyzes how you move to help improve your form and prevent injuries


Build a fitness routine  

Don’t underestimate the value of fitness for productivity. Make use of the time saved from daily commuting to get a good workout in, as the endorphins released from getting your heart pumping can help keep the mind healthy.


When work gets overwhelming, boost the productivity of your workout routine through a smart watch such as the Galaxy Watch3[10], which combines smartphone-level productivity and leading health technology to deliver all the essential stats on your Samsung smartphone[11].


Invest in your physical health

As a significant part of your day is spent sitting, investing in an ergonomic chair can help offer ample back support and cushioning to help you power through the day. If you find yourself getting restless sitting at your desk while working from home, consider alternating between sitting and standing with a height-adjustable desk as well.


Simple steps for a supercharged workday

As hybrid work arrangements are likely here to stay for the foreseeable future, it is now more important than ever before to adapt accordingly. With the right approach and the right devices, we can all look forward to an enhanced hybrid work lifestyle that lets us be productive and collaborative at work and at home!


[1] Subscription required.

[2] Galaxy S Pen is compatible with Galaxy Note series and Galaxy S21 series only.

[3] Wireless connection to DeX only available on Galaxy Note20 series, TabS7 series, and Galaxy Z Fold2 5G, sold separately. Certain apps may not run or may require purchase of a separate licence for use on Samsung DeX. Visit the official Samsung DeX page to view the large and growing list of supported apps and get more information on Samsung DeX.

[4] App availability may vary by country. Subscription required for OTT services. Charges may apply.

[5] Smart monitor remote control comes with a Voice Assistant with Bixby. Bixby is Samsung’s voice-powered digital assistant.

[6] Tap view is compatible with Galaxy devices running Android 8.1 or higher, and version 5.1 in the SmartThings app.

[7] Use the SmartThings app to connect and control your Samsung TVs, appliances, wearables, and compatible smart devices.

[8] Full list of compatible brands and devices available at

[9] Based on Samsung internal testing of Samsung WW6800M on Super Speed Cycle based on 40 course (5kg wash load). Individual results may vary.

[10] Availability of colors, sizes and models may vary by country or region. Available straps may vary by country. UI is subject to change.

[11] Detailed chart only available on paired smartphone.


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