Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, April 8, 2022 – Epson has won Red Dot Awards in the product design category at the internationally acclaimed Red Dot Awards for the sixth consecutive year.

Red Dot Award winners

SD-10 Spectrophotometer

Epson Wins Red Dot Design Awards Product Design 2022

The SD-10 is a highly accurate, compact, and affordable spectrophotometer equipped with a MEMS Fabry-Perot tunable filter developed by Epson. You can use it to digitise colour matching, a conventionally time-consuming part of printing done manually, and link it with a smartphone or cloud service to centrally manage colour information for smoother printing process. Pocket-sized and portable, it allows you to measure colours anytime, anywhere. 

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SL-D1030 Commercial Photo Printer

This commercial photo printer is loaded with features that professional photofinishing services need. The box shape enables multiple units to fit neatly on shop counters. With a new duplex feeder, users can now perform double-sided cut printing in addition to roll paper printing as on the SL-D1030’s predecessor. The use of ink packs increased the amount of available ink by 25%* and reduced the amount of space needed to store used ink by about 55%*.

* Compared to the ink cartridges used with the SL-D830 (SLIC3 < 200 ml)

Red Dot Awards official website

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