Since their launch, the Galaxy Z Fold series and Galaxy Z Flip have been attracting attention thanks to their unique form factor. Their folding and unfolding displays present a new experience to users used to a flat-type display – and now this special form factor is bringing about particular advantages to users in everyday life.


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In this two-part series, Samsung Newsroom will be detailing some of those moments and situations in which the revolutionary form factors of Samsung Electronics’ foldable lineup come in particularly useful. Read on to learn more.



Split Screen Capture: For Instant Sharing of Those Must-See Moments



When you are watching a TV show or movie, you are bound to run into a hilarious scene that you just have to share with others. So, what do you do when you want to share these must-see scenes with friends? You have to undergo the cumbersome process of screen capturing, cropping, editing and sharing your screen capture via messaging application, all without missing as little of your favorite show as possible. So as to let you enjoy your favorite content while sharing, the Galaxy Z Fold2 comes with the Split Screen Capture feature.




The Split Screen Capture feature of the Galaxy Z Fold2 allows you to take a separate screenshot of up to three applications on your screen at the same time and then select only the screenshots of the specific application, or applications, of your choice. After capturing the separated screen, you will see the screenshots of the open applications at the bottom of your display. Simply select the screenshot you would like to share and drag and drop that image into your messenger application to seamlessly share the image for uninterrupted media and sharing experiences.



Flex mode : For Freestanding Viewing Experiences



Watching a video on your smartphone with the device propped up on a surface without a phone stand, tripod or holder is about never very enjoyable; even when you are resting your phone against an object, it’s far too easy for the phone to slip down, and without a stand or other accessory, it is not always easy to get your phone to stand at the desired angle. However, if you are Galaxy Z foldable device user, you need not worry about such hindrances, and there’s no need to buy any separate accessories. The devices themselves can act as their own stand in order to allow you to watch your favorite content at variety of angles while moving both hands freely.




When you use Flex mode, the screen will automatically divide into two when you fold the phone to make it stand at a certain angle. The unique advantage of Galaxy Z Fold2 is that you can even watch your chosen media directly from the cover display. If you fold your smartphone to stand on its two displays with the hinge pointing up like a tent, you can enjoy watching videos in this other unique and stable format. The Galaxy Z Fold2’s cover display of 6.2-inches, enhanced from the previous Fold’s cover display size of 4.6-inches, matches the size of regular smartphone displays, meaning that your viewing experiences are not compromised when watching content.



Dual Preview: For Photos Taken Your Way




One of the great benefits of hanging out with close friends is that, when the moment arises, you have your own personal photographers available. But not everyone’s photography skills are the same – sometimes the picture you take for your friend will be fabulous while the one they take for you could use some work. In order to provide better shooting experiences and protect friendships, Samsung developed the Dual Preview feature, available on the Galaxy Z Fold2.




Dual Preview allows not just the photographer but also the subject on the other side of the camera to look at themselves on the large-sized Cover display of the Galaxy Z Fold2. You can experiment with your facial expression and pose to find the best look, and then even directly take the photo yourself by showing the palm of your hand to the camera. Essentially, even when your friend is holding your phone like a tripod, you can take selfies in the way that suits you best.



Flex mode : For More Precise Editing



These days we are always adding filters or other such layers, such as handwritten words and stickers, to our pictures. The Galaxy Z foldable phone lineup is here to help you make these edits more precisely thanks to its Multi-Window function. When you divide the screen into two and open the original image on the top and the photo editing application in the bottom display, you can work on the photos while comparing the two screens real-time.1 By comparing the edits to the original image, you can ensure that any special effects you add are kept in line with the original photo’s tone. You can also open an image that you’d like to use as a reference on the top screen while editing on the bottom screen for even more editing inspiration.


▲ A photo edited to showcase the editing function available using Multi-Window


For further editing ease, you can also harness the AI-powered Object Eraser feature which erases unnecessary objects in your photos. Simply open the original photo on the top screen and use the bottom screen to erase those background or other unnecessary elements in your photos one by one by touching the screen. By comparing the edited version and the original version at once, you can ensure that what remains in your edited photos is what is worth emphasizing.



Auto framing: For Seamless Angle Adjustment with Automatic AI in Group Shots



Taking a group shot to commemorate the moment when hanging out with friends and family is a must. However, someone in the group will always suffer by being caught at the wrong angle, or have to bear the inconvenience of adjusting the camera several times to find the perfect angle as others move around. This is why the Galaxy Z foldable line comes with the dedicated Auto framing feature, which helps you capture videos with all members of your group in frame and at the right angle.



Thanks to AI-powered machine learning capabilities, Auto framing recognizes the body and faces of the subject or subjects in front of the camera and will then track and automatically adjust the angle of view to capture them by zooming in or out, moving the screen, and more. The camera focus will automatically adjust when up to two people move in and out of focus, and once more than three people enter the frame, the camera will zoom out so that as many people as possible can appear in-shot. Simply place your Galaxy Z foldable device at the right angle and you are more than ready to take winning group shots worthy of sharing.



1 Some photo editing applications may not support the Multi-Window function.


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