Consumers get to enjoy an even wider range of discounts and rewards!

KUALA LUMPUR, 18 June 2021: If you haven’t already heard, HUAWEI is running its annual HUAWEI Carnival 2021, offering consumers with a wide range of high-quality, sophisticated HUAWEI products that comes with amazing discounts and freebies!


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But that’s not all! Now, HUAWEI is giving consumers even MORE reasons to stay tuned and take part in HUAWEI Carnival 2021!

Discounts! Discounts! Discounts!

Throughout the month of June, selected HUAWEI products will go on sale at amazing prices!


Product RRP (RM) Discounted Price (RM)
HUAWEI MateBook D15 (i5) 3,399 3,099
HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro 4,299 3,999
HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 699 631


Member Center Partner’s Rewards

For consumers who purchase HUAWEI products within the campaign period, you are eligible to reap awesome benefits from HUAWEI Member Center, which includes:

  • RM10 off EASI Food Delivery (with minimum spending of RM40) when making food and beverage orders.
  • Enjoy two (2) MB Crispy Chicken, one (1) French Fries (R) and one (1) selection of drinks (S) at RM12.90 at participating Marrybrown outlets
  • RM3 rebate off Yees Yogurt drink in a single receipt.
  • Get 10% off BaWangChaJi drink
  • 1 x complimentary Godiva soft serve (For HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro users only)
  • 1 x complimentary RFID tag (For HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro users only)

On top of the new promotions, read below to get a quick reminder on what’s in store this year’s HUAWEI Carnival!

One-Day Only Promo!

On 18 June, for one day and one day only, selected HUAWEI products will go on sale across HUAWEI Store Online! Check out the list below to find out which products are selected for this amazing promotion!

Product RRP (RM) Discounted Price (RM)
HUAWEI MatePad 10.4 1,499 1,399
HUAWEI Watch GT 2 Pro 1,199 1,099
HUAWEI Watch FIT 499 431
HUAWEI FreeBuds Studio 1,199 999
HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i 379 319


Buy 1 HUAWEI Product To Get 1 Premium Gift

Until while stocks last, consumers can stand a chance to receive amazing freebies worth up to RM189* with purchase of selected products!

Models Free Gifts
·         HUAWEI Matebook Series

·         HUAWEI MateStation

·         HUAWEI Display 23.9

City Travel Gift Package 1

·         Umbrella (Navy Blue)

·         Canvas Bag (Navy Blue)

·         Multi-Purpose Spray Wipe (Navy Blue)

·         HUAWEI Band Series

·         HUAWEI Watch Series

·         HUAWEI Freebuds Series

·         HUAWEI FreeLace Pro

·         HUAWEI Sound X

·         HUAWEI AX3

·         HUAWEI Gentle Monster II

Simple Home Gift Package 2

·         Multi-Purpose Spray & Wipe (Navy Blue)

·         Notebook (Orange)

·         Retractable USB Carry Case

·         HUAWEI Mate 40 Series

·         HUAWEI Mate 30 Series

·         HUAWEI P40 Series

·         HUAWEI Vision S Series

·         HUAWEI nova Series

·         HUAWEI Y Series

·         HUAWEI MatePad Series

Entertainment Gift Package 3

·         Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

·         Phone Stand (Silver)

·         Retractable USB Carry Case


Grab Vouchers Up For Grabs!

If you think that is all, you are in for a treat! For all Grab users out there, here is a little something to entice you. With every purchase of HUAWEI products, consumers can stand a chance to receive up to RM20 Grab vouchers![1]

Product Category Amount (RM)
Audio & Wearables

·         HUAWEI Band 6

Audio & Wearables

·         HUAWEI Watch FIT

·         HUAWEI Watch GT 2

·         HUAWEI Watch GT 2 Pro

Audio & Wearables

·         HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro

·         HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i

·         HUAWEI FreeBuds 3

·         HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i


·         HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro

·         HUAWEI Y7a

·         HUAWEI nova 7i


·         HUAWEI MatePad Pro

·         HUAWEI MatePad WiFi (2021)

·         HUAWEI MatePad T10s

·         HUAWEI MatePad T10

·         HUAWEI MatePad T8

Laptops & Personal Computers

·         HUAWEI MateBook X Pro (i5)

·         HUAWEI MateBook 13 (i5)

·         HUAWEI MateBook 14 (R5)

·         HUAWEI MateBook 14 (i5)

·         HUAWEI MateBook D 15 (i5 10th Gen)

·         HUAWEI MateBook D 15 (i5 11th Gen)

·         HUAWEI MateBook D 15 (i3)

·         HUAWEI MateBook D 14 (i5 10th Gen)

·         HUAWEI MateStation S

·         HUAWEI Display 23.8


HUAWEI Cares For You

From now until 10 July 2021, with every purchase of selected HUAWEI products, consumers can purchase HUAWEI Care, where the manufacture warranty is extended for an additional year upon the expiration of the standard warranty. This can be done on both HUAWEI Store Online and HUAWEI Experience Store.


For those who purchased the new products, but may have forgotten to grab the HUAWEI Care, worry not! All you need to do is very simple: pick up your phone and get in touch with HUAWEI Service Centre or the hotline to arrange for the purchase. Check out the tables below to find out which product is eligible!


Category Model RRP (RM)
Wearables HUAWEI Watch Fit 29
HUAWEI Watch GT 2 29
HUAWEI Watch GT 2 Pro 41
Tablets HUAWEI MatePad T8 35
HUAWEI MatePad T10 35
HUAWEI MatePad WiFi 64G 65
HUAWEI MatePad WiFi 128G 65
HUAWEI MatePad Pro WiFi 89
HUAWEI MatePad Pro 5G 113
HUWEI MatePad Pro 12 113
PC HUAWEI MateBook X Pro i5 419
HUAWEI MateBook X Pro i7 419
HUAWEI MateBook 13 i5 239
HUAWEI MateBook 13 i7 239
HUAWEI MateBook 14 i5 239
HUAWEI MateBook 13 R5 239
HUAWEI MateBook D14 i5 179
HUAWEI MateBook D15 i5 179
HUAWEI MateBook 14 R5 179
HUAWEI MateBook 14 R7 179
HUAWEI MateBook D14 R7 149
HUAWEI MateBook D15 R5 149
HUAWEI MateBook D15 R7 149
HUAWEI MateBook D15 i3 149


With all these amazing deals and freebies lined up, what else is there to do but block your calendar and wait (im)patiently for the coveted day to arrive? Check out the website for HUAWEI Carnival 2021 and get ready for all these amazing promos!


You can also check out the full Terms & Conditions here.

[1] Terms and conditions apply.

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