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Whether you’re looking to start your fitness journey or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle, you’ll need a fitness tracker like Galaxy Fit2 to support you in achieving your health goals. With the return of Galaxy Fit2, now is the right time to grab it at only RM179! Redefine your routine, keep track of your activities, and crush your New Year’s resolutions with the ultimate fitness tracker, Galaxy Fit2 this year!



Galaxy Fit2 Gets You Moving

Most of us struggle with busy schedules, unaware of how much we actually move daily or whether the movements are enough to maintain our health. Consider wearing the Galaxy Fit2 on your wrist all day to educate and empower yourself to move more than before, as it’s powered by a long lasting battery that can last up to 21 days on a single full charge[1]!


Packed with advanced tracking features that will automatically log your movement metrics throughout the day, like steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled, heart rate, and more, you might be surprised at how inactive or active your lifestyle is. Another one of its handiest features is the ability to track your workouts[2]. Whether you’re walking, running, performing dynamic activities, elliptical training or rowing machines, you can fully concentrate on your momentum and let the Galaxy Fit2 track your progresses accordingly.


Galaxy Fit2 Helps You Sleep Better

Have trouble falling asleep or still exhausted even after you’ve slept? Wear your Galaxy Fit2 to bed to monitor your sleep quality and see if you’re truly sleeping or not. From the sleep curve on the Samsung Health app, you will get valuable insight into your sleep quality with an intuitive overall score as it precisely records the time you go to sleep and wake up, the specific time and percentage of deep sleep, light sleep and REM periods. From learning about your sleeping patterns, you will be encouraged to take action to improve it, whether it’s your sleeping schedule or your bedroom’s ambience.



Galaxy Fit2 Looks After Your Mental Wellbeing

Mental wellbeing, something that’s often neglected by grinders or workaholics which may lead to sudden jackpot of illnesses. But, with Galaxy Fit2 and its friendly reminders, you can take positive steps towards a stress-free[3] life. The Galaxy Fit2 will automatically track your daily stress levels. At times, when you feel overwhelmed by work and your stress scores spike, it will encourage you to take a break and do a quick mindful breathing exercise. So, take a deep breath, and relax. The Galaxy Fit2 will guide you to breathe in and out for a minute or more, depending on your preference, to ease your mind and body.


Galaxy Fit2 Keeps You On Top of Your Personal Hygiene

In the face of the current COVID-19 pandemic, it’s never been more important to regularly wash our hands and stay sanitised for our own safety. To assist in keeping you clean, the Galaxy Fit2 will bump a friendly handwashing reminder at regular intervals and give you a handy 20-second countdown from start to finish.


Stay motivated to live healthily with Galaxy Fit2’s enhanced workout, sleep and stress analysis, friendly reminders, and more to lead a healthier lifestyle. The Galaxy Fit2 makes a great gift for young and old! Give the Galaxy Fit2 as a gift to someone you would like to help move a little more!



Learn more about Galaxy Fit2 here: https://www.samsung.com/my/watches/galaxy-fit/galaxy-fit2-black-bluetooth-sm-r220nzkaxme/


[1] Based on internal testing using a fully charged Galaxy Fit2 paired with a Galaxy smartphone. Battery life is up to 21 days in the low usage scenario (heart rate and auto workout tracker off; without wearing Galaxy Fit2 while sleeping) and up to 15 days in the typical usage scenario (without wearing Galaxy Fit2 while sleeping).)
[2] The information tracked by Galaxy Fit2 may vary depending on the exercise.
[3] Intended for general wellness and fitness purposes only.

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