HP Mentorship Project Empowers Creativity in Youth – Unveiling NFTs Created with Professional Artists

HP enables 11 Gen Z creators to produce and launch three spectacular NFTs, created under the mentorship of talents using cutting-edge laptops

KUALA LUMPUR, June 7, 2022 – Today, the HP Mentorship Project has come to an end after a three-month-long program where 11 mentees from around Malaysia were given an opportunity of a lifetime to collaborate with three industry professionals, Malaysian pop singer songwriter Zee Avi, prolific music producer and composer Daniel Veerapen, and creative director and co-founder of 33.3 Edwin Raj. They came together to create meaningful, eccentric, and on-trend art that touches on issues that matter to them. The mentees comprised of creative youths from different backgrounds that produced art and music together under the guidance of their mentors and powered by cutting-edge laptops provided by HP Malaysia. 

As the final output, HP Malaysia is officially releasing three audiovisual experiences in the form of NFTs and 100 exclusive collectible NFTs that will be available for viewing and purchase on the new CryptoArt platform NFT Pangolin. Half of the proceeds from all sales will be going towards Kakiseni, an organization that empowers creative expression in all Malaysians, with the other half of proceeds going towards the mentees to further propel them on their creative journey.

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“At HP, we believe that one thoughtful idea has the power to change the world. Through this project, we brought technology and creativity together, enabling youth from around Malaysia to create and innovate powered by HP’s latest devices,” said Alex Tan, Managing Director of HP Malaysia. “Thanks to our mentors, these young creators have accelerated their creative journey. We will continue nurturing young Malaysian talent and inspiring the next generation through mentoring projects just like this one.”

Three different ethereal and dreamy tracks were written, performed, and produced by the singer/songwriter mentees in collaboration with the music production mentees. Finalizing these as NFTs, the tracks were accompanied by the cutesy animations of Noodie, the adorably colorful nudibranch developed and produced by the digital arts mentees.

“The mentors and I came together to inspire the next generation of Malaysian creators. We put our heads together and collaborated with the goal of letting the mentees express their creativity through using HP’s technology and laptops,” said Zee Avi, Malaysian pop singer and singing/songwriting mentor. “As mentors, we strived to provide our mentees with the knowledge and the expertise we’ve gained throughout our years of working in the industry. Our excellent mentees always gave 110%, and we’re proud to see the amazing work they’ve produced with each other under our guidance. We can’t wait to see the amazing things they will do next as technology continues to enable their creativity.”

Enabling Creativity Through Technology

 With HP’s thoughtfully designed laptops, mentees of the HP Mentorship Project could easily develop these art pieces through attending virtual classes with their mentors and collaborating online utilizing HP QuickDrop and more. Distance was no matter, as the mentees and mentors were often far separated – with one of the mentees even being located in Sabah. 

The HP ENVY, the HP Spectre x360 and HP ZBook Firefly devices provided to each mentee and mentor enabled them to create the best work they could, utilizing features such as:

  • HP QuickDrop: Available across all their HP laptops, the mentees and mentors heavily utilized HP QuickDrop to transfer files easily between their mobile phones and their laptops. This enabled them to quickly record and edit sound clips or share inspiration with each other as they were working on the NFTs.
  • 360 -degree Flexibility: Available in the Spectre x360, the touch screens and convertibility were front and centre during most of Zee’s and the singing/songwriting mentees’ classes. The mentees diligently jotted down notes and inspired lyrics with their Smart Pen. 
  • DreamColor Display: With over a billion on screen colours and 100% DCI-P3 coverage, the incredible DreamColor technology in the HP ZBook Firefly G8 gave mentor Edwin complete confidence in the color of his creative output. 
  • Long Battery Life:  Many of the laptops used by the mentees and mentors were taken out into the field, into the studio, and into classes as they worked on creating these NFTs. The long battery life equipped in the laptops, paired with the laptops’ sleek and slim design provided them with the portability and longevity needed to produce their art.
  • Powerful Performance: All laptops utilized by the mentors and mentees were packed with powerful Intel® 11th Gen Processors, which were fully utilized by both the digital art and music production mentees. The digital art mentees designed, animated and generated the NFTs utilizing their powerful yet compact laptops, allowing them to take their designing anywhere.

To learn more of the creative journey taken by the mentors and mentees during the HP Mentorship Project, view the official Behind The Scenes video at HP Malaysia’s official Facebook page here.

HP Laptop PCs

All the laptops utilized by the mentors and mentees can be found below:

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