The ways in which Samsung TVs have continually pushed the boundaries over the years is remarkable, with visual and audio quality reaching new heights, and usability becoming more seamless and intuitive than ever before. Not one to be limited to simply improving specs however, Samsung has additionally gotten imaginative when it comes to form factors and aesthetics, producing a range of sophisticated solutions that have given rise to the era of the ‘Lifestyle TV’. It is this constant drive to innovate that has led Samsung to hold the number one position in the global TV market for the past 14 consecutive years.


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When it comes to setting new standards in performance, Samsung’s 8K AI upscaling technology has equipped the company’s TVs to provide truly captivating viewing experiences. Likewise, ‘The Wall’ – the first ever modular display with MicroLED, capable of expanding to a size of hundreds of inches – provided a snapshot of what the future holds for display technology. In terms of design and lifestyle leadership, a host of Samsung solutions including ‘The Serif’, ‘The Frame’ and ‘The Sero’ have set new benchmarks for how your TV might look and interact.


Check out the infographic below to learn more about how Samsung has constantly innovated to push its TV offerings to greater and greater heights.



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