The dramatic changes that swept the world in 2020 haven’t just transformed the way we live – they’ve transformed our relationship with technology. As more people work from home and juggle multiple demands, 74 percent have turned to their smartphones to multitask, according to a recent survey conducted by Samsung.


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The survey, conducted with consumers interested in foldable devices in the U.S. and Korea, also found that smartphones were used more often for a wider range of activities than any other device. It also showed that younger generations are multitasking on their smartphones more often. Thanks to these lifestyle changes, demand for the multitasking power that foldables offer is on the rise.


When looking for a new device, 79 percent of respondents said they want the ability to multitask more effectively as well as view and use multiple apps simultaneously. The results are clear: now more than ever, consumers are searching for powerful, portable devices that can help them get more done from anywhere. Designed with those features at heart, Samsung’s next-gen foldable is here just in time.


Check out the survey results below to see how changing lifestyles are driving demand for foldables and how the Galaxy Z Fold2 is answering the call.


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