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AI has seamlessly and quietly integrated into our daily routines, enhancing our experiences and fostering connectivity. Whether it is through our smartphones, homes, or vehicles, AI elevates our interactions with technology and the people around us.


For Samsung, AI isn’t new. Samsung has been leveraging its expertise to lead the way in everyday AI, making life better and simpler with AI innovations that are now more accessible to all. As Galaxy AI extends its reach to more devices, it’s not just about enhancing personal experiences; it’s about building a community of users who share in the benefits and excitement of AI technology. If you frequently find yourself answering questions from curious friends and family about the capabilities of your smartphone, now is your opportunity to introduce them to the wonders of Galaxy AI!


Embrace your role as a Galaxy AI enthusiast by participating in the Galaxy AI Referral Program! If you are a proud owner of a Galaxy S24 series device, participating is a breeze—simply use the unique code provided to you on the Samsung Members App to invite your family and friends. And the icing on the cake? You’ll stand a chance to win a stunning Samsung 85″ Neo QLED QN90C 4K Smart TV valued at RM24,999!



Follow the steps below:


  1. Get referral code via Samsung Members App (Exclusive to Galaxy S24 Series users)
  2. Share the code with your friends
  3. Get your friends to purchase the selected Galaxy AI smartphones
  4. Your friends can use the code to redeem 8K Samsung Rewards Points worth RM240 on Samsung Members App
  5. Most referrals wins the Grand Prize of a Samsung 85″ Neo QLED QN900C 4K Smart TV worth RM24,999



To learn more about the AI-Volution squad referral program, visit: https://www.samsung.com/my/offer/galaxy-ai-referral-program/


To learn more about Galaxy AI, visit: https://www.samsung.com/my/galaxy-ai

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