Level51 PC Announces Rebrand To AFTERSHOCK PC Malaysia

Malaysia, 24 August 2022 – Level51 PC, Malaysia’s premier Custom PC brand, today unveils its  rebrand and launch as AFTERSHOCK PC Malaysia. This initiative – which comes as the company celebrates its fifth year of growth – will include changes to its name and logo together with an  expansion of products and services beyond its current offerings. Alongside these changes, the  

rebrand aims to unify the company’s core identity with partners in Singapore and Australia, allowing  it to leverage resources and strengthen its operational capabilities across Malaysia.

As part of this extensive transformation, AFTERSHOCK PC Malaysia will undergo a complete visual  refresh – updating its online and offline presences to reflect its new identity amidst accelerating  growth and momentum. The brand’s new look and feel embody its continued commitment to  excellence as the market leader for local Custom PC experiences, offering consumers competitively  priced high-performance PCs delivered with industry-leading craftsmanship and service. 

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Together with this renewed vision, the company’s primary driving force remains rooted in offering  deeply personal, hyperlocal Custom PC experiences tailored for Malaysian consumers. Since 2018,  this clear focus has led AFTERSHOCK PC Malaysia to robust year-on-year growth, totalling nearly  10,000 Custom PCs sold and quadrupling its headcount to support surging demand. 

“Level51 PC has evolved tremendously over the years, and the speed of our growth would not have  been possible without the support of our partners in Singapore and Australia,” said Evan Wong,  AFTERSHOCK PC Malaysia Country Director. “For us, this rebrand offers vast opportunities for  deeper collaborations with a diverse pool of Custom PC artisans across the world. As we look ahead  to a rapidly fluctuating Custom PC market, we are excited to work together and innovate solutions uniquely suited to the needs of our Malaysian customers.” 

The new brand identity will be publicly unveiled at Malaysia’s IT Fair – held this 26th to 28th August – together with deep discounts and complimentary gifts to commemorate the change. Alongside this 

launch, AFTERSHOCK PC Malaysia’s visual refresh will be implemented across all products and  services in the coming weeks with an updated website to follow. 

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