LG Refrigerator Has Received International EPD Certification

Providing Verified Information About the Environmental Impact of
 Its Products, Company Confirms Its Commitment to Sustainability

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SEOUL, Sep. 22, 2023 — LG Electronics (LG) has announced that its premium refrigerator (600-liter models)* has received International Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certification. This is the second time the sophisticated model has earned EPD certification, having already been recognized by EPD Norway last year.

The International EPD System is designed to quantify the environmental impact of a product throughout its entire lifecycle, including production, transportation, distribution, usage and disposal. EPD certification provides consumers with accurate and transparent information about a product’s effect on the planet, helping them to choose devices that can support their efforts to live more sustainably. Products are assessed according to international standards, which consumers can learn more about on the official EPD website.

LG’s refrigerator received International EPD certification in Istanbul, Turkey on September 14; the first time a fridge produced by a global home appliance manufacturer has received this particular certification. The highly-efficient refrigerator reduces energy consumption thanks to its advanced Inverter Linear Compressor™, vacuum insulation and an optimized refrigeration cycle. LG anticipates that the product’s outstanding efficiency, along with its recently-awarded EPD certification, will be viewed positively by customers seeking to lower their household energy footprint.

Committed to good ESG management, LG has been actively conducting Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) of its products since 1995, running all evaluations in accordance with the relevant international standard, ISO 14040. Fostering trust with consumers and other stakeholders, LG discloses the impact of its innovations – including their carbon emissions and effect on global warming – on its official website and annual sustainability report. The company has also participated in other international third-party environmental product declaration certification programs, such as Carbon Footprint labeling and Carbon Trust certification.

Furthermore, LG is pursuing a range of sustainability-focused 2030 initiatives as part of its mid- to long-term ESG action plan, The Better Life Plan 2030. These include the reduction of carbon emissions intensity at the product usage stage by 20 percent (compared to 2020), the utilizing of 600,000 tons (cumulative) of recycled plastics within products, and the collection of eight million tons of old home appliances. The company is also dedicated to complying with major environmental regulations, such as the European Commission’s ‘Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR).’

“This latest EPD certification is symbolic of LG’s commitment to the environment and to transparency,” said Lyu Jae-cheol, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “We will continue to acquire environmental product declaration certifications that encourage consumers to make responsible purchasing decisions, while leveraging our innovative technologies to minimize the impact of our products.”

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* LG Electronics has published an Environmental Product Declaration for LG refrigerator models MF-B6**, F62*****B, M62******2(S). These products are currently available in Australia, China, and South Korea respectively.

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