Just because a smartphone is affordable, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have access to awesome features like its higher-tier cousins. A favourite of many for its inclusive versatility in spite of a modest price tag, the Galaxy A series has produced many champions, including the latest Galaxy A24. And like families, the Galaxy A24 shares some of the same awesome genes – it offers you the same Galaxy Experiences like its siblings and cousins.


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Galaxy Experiences like Quick Share, Modes & Routines, and Samsung Wallet are innovations that Samsung created to make your day smoother because Samsung knows you! Let’s see how it makes a difference in your day to day.



Quick Share for work and play


Being part of a family teaches you that sharing is caring. After every family gathering, it’s time to swap the photos and videos you’ve taken of each other. You can Quick Share those memories from your Galaxy A24 with any nearby Galaxy devices, or even to other non-Galaxy devices using a link or QR code.


Besides fam photos, you can Quick Share stuff with your friends like restaurant or ride-sharing receipts to split the bill. Or you can Quick Share work files with colleagues while you’re away from the keyboard. You can Quick Share almost any kind of files, whether multimedia, like audio, videos, images, or documents. It’s transfers fast and doesn’t require connecting to Wi-Fi Router or the internet. Super convenient!



Automate the day with Modes & Routines


From the moment we wake up to the time we go to bed, we’re hooked on our phones, but while we love stalking our friends, gaming, watching videos, shopping online, and texting everybody, it’s an annoyance to be adjusting our smartphone settings. What’s up with that, right? It’s a good thing Modes & Routines exists to make your life easier.


Some of the Modes available on the Galaxy A24 are already preset, such as Driving, Sleeping, Exercising, and so on, but you can create any kind of Mode or Routine from scratch with a little bit of imagination. It’s really all about personalising it to suit your habits and, well, routines! Have fun exploring new ways to match your phone settings, style, layout, actions to whatever is going on in your life at that exact moment and place.


For example, maybe you want to automatically turn on a game at precisely 3pm each day, so that you remember to collect the daily rewards. Or you could create a Routine to automatically turn on a video streaming app, change to landscape mode, turn on eye comfort shield, and change settings to the highest definition display, when your smartphone detects that you have arrived home, so that you can kick back and enjoy a show while you have dinner.



Forgot to bring cash or IC? Use Samsung Wallet



You may not carry a wallet or cards a mile long any more. Instead, you have it all stored in Samsung Wallet on your Galaxy A24. Whenever you make a purchase, just tap your smartphone to the payment terminal and you’re done. Add your loyalty cards, health pass (e.g. your MySejahtera vaccination cert), and flight passes in the app, plus your passwords too.


Samsung Wallet provides not only a way to make secure payments, but it was designed to help you organise your digital life, all combined in one easy-to-use app. With a swipe and a swish and a tap, we have come a long way from the abacus to Samsung Wallet, haven’t we?



Get awesome freebies when you buy the Galaxy A24 now!


Purchase the Galaxy A24 from now until 31 May 2023 and get a free 1-year extended warranty1 worth RM99 and a free transparent case[1] worth RM79[2].


Galaxy Experiences with Galaxy A24 here: https://www.samsung.com/my/smartphones/galaxy-a/galaxy-a24-green-128gb-sm-a245flgwxme/



[2] While stocks last. Terms and conditions apply.

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