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Are you hesitating to take the leap into the world of supersize TVs? Concerns about space, price, and the uncertainty of making such a significant investment might be holding you back. But fear not, Samsung is here to address those very concerns. With our Supersize TV campaign, we’re ready to prove that going big is the way to go, and you won’t have any regrets.


Samsung understands that every living space is unique. To cater to diverse needs, we are proud to offer impressive range of TV sizes, including the Samsung 77” OLED, 85” Neo QLED and 98” QLED Supersize TVs. Whether you’re in a cozy apartment or a spacious living room, there’s a size that fits perfectly.


The 98” QLED TV is an extraordinary addition, redefining your home entertainment experience. With an emphasis on size, quality, and experience, the 98” QLED TV is set to transform the way you enjoy content and social moments. Samsung’s new Ultra-large Screen TVs are designed to uplift your home entertainment to a whole new level. It’s about experiencing content in a way that was never before possible, with the bigger screen making everything better.



Why You Need to Go Big

The 98” QLED TV, the flagship of this campaign deserves special attention. It’s not just a television, it’s a gateway to a world of endless entertainment possibilities. Here’s why consumers are rushing to make it the centerpiece of their living rooms:


  1. Cinematic Bliss

Imagine the feeling of being at a movie theatre, right in your own home. The supersize TV offers a cinematic experience like no other, with lifelike colours, sharp details, and crystal-clear sound that envelops you in every scene.


  1. Gaming Extravaganza

Gamers rejoice! With Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ (4K @120Hz) and a screen this vast, you can dive into your favourite games with unparalleled immersion, racing at breakneck speeds, exploring epic fantasy worlds, or battling it out in first-person shooters. The supersize QLED TV enhances every gaming moment with exceptional motion enhancements up to 4K 120Hz, ensuring ultra-smooth action without lag and motion blur.


Get your hands on Samsung’s biggest TV for premium viewing bliss and endless entertainment today!  But here’s the exciting twist – from 1 October to 31 October 2023, you can also enjoy a complimentary Setel Petrol Voucher worth up to a whopping RM800*! Unleash the possibilities of the Supersize TV campaign by exploring more at: https://www.samsung.com/my/offer/super-size-tv-new.



Merdeka Promotion Extension: Snag Up to RM800 Setel Petrol Voucher with Selected TV Models!


Exciting news for all you Samsung TV enthusiasts! Due to the overwhelming response, our Merdeka Promotion has been extended. Now, you can snag a Setel Petrol Voucher worth up to RM800[1] when you purchase selected Samsung TV models until 31 October, 2023! Don’t let this amazing deal slip through your fingers!


Segment Promotional ProductsSizeRRPDiscount
Promotion Price (RM)FREE Setel Petrol Voucher Value (RM)FREE Setel Petrol Voucher Value (RM)
(Model Code)
Neo QLED 8KNew Added Promo:
85″43,699 – –800 –
New Added Promo:
75″28,699 – –650 –
QA85QN800CKXXM85″32,6993,21729,482650 –
QA75QN800CKXXM75″22,6992,21720,482500 –
QA65QN800CKXXM65″17,6991,71715,982350 –
QA75QN700CKXXM75″18,1991,81716,382500 –
QA65QN700CKXXM65″15,1991,51713,682350 –
OLEDQA77S95CAKXXM77″30,9993,11727,882350 –
QA65S95CAKXXM65″15,9991,61714,382350 –
QA55S95CAKXXM55″12,999 – –250 –
QA77S90CAKXXM77″27,9992,31725,682300 –
QA65S90CAKXXM65″13,9991,41712,582300 –
QA55S90CAKXXM55″10,999 – –150 –
Neo QLED 4KQA85QN85CAKXXM85″18,5991,81716,782500 –
QA75QN85CAKXXM75″13,5991,31712,282350 –
QA65QN85CAKXXM65″9,5999178,682200 –
QLEDNew Added Promo:
98″33,999 – –800 –
QA85Q80CAKXXM85″15,1991,51713,682300 –
QA75Q80CAKXXM75″11,1991,11710,082200 –
QA65Q80CAKXXM65″7,1997176,482100 –
QA85Q70CAKXXM85″14,1991,41712,782300 –
QA75Q70CAKXXM75″10,1991,0179,182200 –
QA65Q70CAKXXM65″6,1996175,582100 –
Crystal UHDUA65CU8500KXXM65″3,999 – –100 –
UA85CU8000KXXM85″10,099 – –250 –
UA75CU8000KXXM75″6,599 – –150 –
UA65CU8000KXXM65″3,899 – –100 –
UA55CU8000KXXM55″3,199 – –50 –
UA85CU7100KXXM85″9,599 – –250 –
UA75CU7100KXXM75″6,099 – –150 –
UA65CU7100KXXM65″3,599 – –100 –
UA85CU7000KXXM85″9,399 – –250 –
UA75CU7000KXXM75″5,899 – –150 –
UA65CU7000KXXM65″3,499 – –100 –
The FrameQA43LS03BAKXXM43”4,999 – – –43” Frame Bezel worth RM399
QA50LS03BAKXXM50”5,699 – – –50” Frame Bezel worth RM499
QA55LS03BAKXXM55”6,199 – – –55” Frame Bezel worth RM599
QA65LS03BAKXXM65”8,299 – – –65” Frame Bezel worth RM699
QA75LS03BAKXXM75”12,599 – – –75” Frame Bezel worth RM799
QA85LS03BAKXXM85”18,199 – – –85” Frame Bezel worth RM899
The SeroQA43LS05BBKXXM43″5,999 – – –Sero Wheel worth RM299


Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity, check them out today!


To find out more, please visit: https://www.samsung.com/my/offer/tv/merdeka-2023/



[1] Promotion is valid while stocks last and on a first-come, first-served basis.

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