MSI, the world’s leading manufacturer of computing hardware, is excited to announce that the MSI Reward Program has reached one million members in Jan 2021. To celebrate this milestone, the MSI Reward Program is holding a grand raffle for MSI Reward Program members from 8th to 28th Feb 2021.

To enter the grand raffle, MSI enthusiasts just need to opt in the Reward Program, complete the action of “CONNECT YOUR SOCIAL NETWORKS” in the Reward Program dashboard and leave the member ID on the raffle page:

A total of 14 winners will be selected to receive the prizes mentioned below:

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The MSI Reward Program offers easy and engaging ways for MSI members to earn points and get more with every purchase. Participants can collect points by completing straightforward tasks, such as registering products, writing product reviews, or referring friends. The points collected can be used to redeem a prize.


Join MSI Reward Program and start earning points now!
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