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MALAYSIA, KUALA LUMPUR, 19th May 2023 – Casio Malaysia has released the new addition to the sports-driven G-SQUAD line in the G-SHOCK family of shock-resistant watches today. The five new DW-H5600 watches inherit the iconic shape of the very first G-SHOCK and are equipped with an optical sensor to measure heart rate.

Developed in the quest to construct a watch that wouldn’t break, even if dropped, the first G-SHOCK debuted in 1983. Casio has continued ever since to advance G-SHOCK functions, construction, and design, with a constant focus on the shock-resistance of these watches. The iconic form of the very first model, the DW-5000C, has been passed down to subsequent generations of G-SHOCK timepieces, and the 5600 line, which inherits that form, has continually evolved, incorporating the most advanced functions available in each new era.

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The new DW-H5600 timepieces retain the form of the first-ever G-SHOCK while delivering more advanced functions, all in a shock-resistant watch equipped with a heart rate monitor useful for sports activities. The new watches support four different activities or exercises — running, walking, gym workouts, and interval training — and they are equipped with an optical sensor and an accelerometer to measure heart rate, distance, and calories burned. They utilize algorithms from Polar Electro Oy, a pioneer in the industry that has spent nearly 50 years perfecting the art of personalized guidance in fitness, sport, and health, to provide analysis on training and sleep based on tracked data.

ModelColorsBezel Materials
DW-H5600-2Pale BlueResin
*Comes with interchangeable case and band

  • Sensors for Activity Tracking

The case back is equipped with an optical sensor that measures heart rate by emitting LED light to track changes in blood flow. The watch also includes an accelerometer to count steps. For even greater accuracy of distance measurement, the watch can be paired with smartphone GPS to fine-tune the data captured by the accelerometer.

  • Four Activity Modes

The watch supports running, walking, gym workouts, and interval training. An activity can be selected with the touch of a button to track and display a variety of measurements in real-time, including distance, speed, and calories burned.

  • Training Analysis and Sleep Tracking Using Polar Electro Oy Algorithms

The watch measures the burden on the heart and lungs according to training time and intensity, analyzes ratios of energy used separately for carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, and performs sleep tracking. This data analysis utilizes algorithms from Polar Electro Oy, a company with a well-established reputation for heart rate-focused training analysis.


Water Resistance200 meters
Communication SpecificationsCommunication StandardBluetooth® low energy
Signal RangeUp to 2m (may differ depending on surrounding conditions)
Wrist Heart Rate MonitorMeasuring range (30–220 bpm); heart rate; target heart rate setting function; heart rate zone graphic display; heart rate transition graph: maximum heart rate/minimum heart rate
Activity FeaturesMulti-sports (running, walking, etc.), Distance, speed, pace and other information calculated using accelerometer data, Auto/Manual lap, Auto Pause
Training AnalysisCardio load status
Activity Log DataUp to 100 runs, up to 200 lap records per run, measurement time, distance, pace, running Index (when using GPS tracking from a connected smartphone), calories burned, energy used, heart rate, maximum heart rate, cardio load, pitch, maximum pitch, stride
Life LogStep count measurement, step count graphs (weekly, monthly, 6-month), calories burned, active time measurement
Sleep MeasurementSleep recovery status (6 stages), sleep recovery level display, sleep status (5 stages), sleep score, autonomic nervous system status (5 stages)
Blood Oxygen LevelMeasuring range: 80%–100% Measuring unit: 1% Note: The blood oxygen level measurement function is not intended for use in diagnosing illness or as a medical device. It is intended only for use in maintaining general health.
Breathing ExerciseSet duration: 2–20 mins. Set duration measuring unit: 1 minute Biofeedback Summary of time spent in each zone * Polar™ algorithms are also used for the breathing exercises.
World Time38 cities (38 time zones,* auto summer time [DST] switching) and Coordinated Universal Time * May be updated when connected to a smartphone.
StopwatchMeasuring unit: 1 second; measuring capacity: 99:59’59; measuring modes: elapsed time, split time
Countdown TimerSetting unit: 1 second; measuring unit: 1 second; maximum setting: 60 minutes
Alarm4 daily alarms (with snooze), Smart alarm (with snooze)
Mobile link (Automatic connection, wireless linking using Bluetooth®)Auto time adjustment Easy watch setting Approximately 300 world time cities Notification function (incoming calls, incoming e-mails, new social media posts, calendar notifications, reminders) Training analysis data Activity history Life Log data Sleep analysis data Phone finder
Other Functionsstep reminder, almanac (sunrise/sunset times, moon age), battery level indicator, power saving (display shuts off after a certain period in a dark location), full auto-calendar, 12/24-hour format, button operation tone on/off, airplane mode, vibration function, vibration on/off, LED backlight (full auto light, Super Illuminator, afterglow with selectable illumination duration: 1.5 seconds or 5 seconds)
Power SourceCharging system compatible with dedicated cable (requires device with Type-A USB terminal), solar powered
Continuous OperationUsing activity functions (heart rate): Approx. 35 hours max. Using in watch mode with heart rate measurement OFF: Approx. 1 month Using with power-saving function ON: Approx. 11 months * Varies depending on usage environment; from full charge, without solar power.
Time AdjustmentBluetooth®: uses continuous connection with smartphone to auto-adjust time
Size of CaseDW-H5600-1/DW-H5600-2:51.1×44.5×17.4mm DW-H5600MB-1/DW-H5600MB-2:51.1×44.5×16.6mm DW-H5600EX-1:51.1×44.5×16.6mm(with metal bezel)
Total WeightDW-H5600-1/DW-H5600-2:Approx. 59g DW-H5600MB-1/DW-H5600MB-2:Approx. 65g DW-H5600EX-1:Approx. 65g(with metal bezel)

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such marks by Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is under license.

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