Purify Your Air in Style with Bespoke CubeTM Air Purifier

Elevate living space with our latest product from the Bespoke line-up: the Cube™ Air Purifier.  Packed with intuitive and convenient features to make your life easier, this state-of-the-art air purifier will bring ease into your lives for an even better hygienic living that complements your interior décor with a modern and contemporary design. 

The Bespoke Cube™ Air Purifier features Samsung’s innovative WindFree™ technology which disperses air with less noise and without direct wind by creating a ‘still’ air environment so that you can go about your day without any disturbance. With 360 Air Purification, the Bespoke Cube™ Air Purifier powerfully draws in air from five directions and distributes clean air rapidly in either one or three directions depending on the indoor air quality. 

The multi sterilization system of the Bespoke Cube™ Air Purifier features Electric Field Sterilization where it sterilizes 99% of the bacteria collected by the hybrid dust collecting filter in an electric field using an electrostatic discharger. The deodorization filter removes odours and toxic gases while the UV LED fan sterilizes 99.9% of the areas on the fan prone to gathering germs. This device can precisely detect gas dust and toxic gas thanks to the Micro Air Sensor that measures dust particles of various sizes (PM10/2.5/1.0) in real-time including ultrafine dust as small as 0.3㎛. The gas sensor also detects the degree of gaseous contamination including ammonia and benzene. 

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And it doesn’t get any more convenient than this too! – you can simply monitor the air quality and manages the air purifier remotely at any time anywhere, with SmartThings via your smartphone or tablet.

If you’ve been waiting for an air purifier that delivers fresh, clean air without wanting to dread the bulky design, this is the time to get your hands on it! Celebrate Raya in style and receive a discount of RM200 off (retail recommended price is RM3,399) and free e-wallet credit worth up to RM100 when you purchase it from today until 5th June 2022.For more information on the Bespoke Cube™ Air Purifier, check out https://www.samsung.com/my/air-care/air-purifier/bespoke-cube-air-purifier-53m-ax53a9370ge-me/.

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