When the sun goes down and night time unravels its beauty, going for a stargazing trip and attempting to capture the dreamy sky is something you should absolutely do – at least once in your life!


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Photo by @nahdiomar


Capturing the stars you gaze at in photographs used to be an exclusive skill that only professional photographers could master – but not anymore. Thanks to astonishing advancements in the Galaxy S22 Series camera technology, anyone can now try their hand at perfecting their shots of the starry night with the revolutionary Nightography features and a sturdy tripod.


Nightography is a new set of camera features in the Galaxy S22 Series, consisting of a larger pixel sensor, Adaptive Pixel technology, Super Clear lens, Super Night Solution and Auto Framerate that will work together to let you take beautiful, clear low-light photos and videos without any flares easily.


Dealing with low lighting conditions is a common obstacle when it comes to astrophotography, but with the Galaxy S22 Series’ cameras, the challenges will be easier to manage. To capture the starlight vividly, the Galaxy S22 Series camera will use its large pixel sensor (2.4 micrometer sensor for Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G; 2.0 micrometer sensor for Galaxy S22/S22+ 5G) to absorb more light, and its Adaptive Pixel technology (Nona-bining for Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G; Tetra-binning for Galaxy S22/S22+ 5G) to combine up-to 9 pixels into one, producing brighter and sharper images and videos with the least amount of noise.




When photographing at night, we also often encounter challenges with light being reflected back into the camera lens, resulting in horrible lens flares and little light spots surrounding the light sources, such as the moon, stars or street lights, being captured in photos. However, with the Galaxy S22 Series camera, you can snap your heart away whenever wherever you like. The camera lenses are coated with a new anti-reflective coating – Super Clear lens, so all light flares and noises will be eliminated. Plus, its Auto Framerate will adapt to the surrounding light conditions and automatically adjusts to an ideal frame rate to capture the right light and details into the photos.


Beyond the camera, there is an incredible program that does wonders behind the scenes to all shots taken. It’s the new Super Night Solution that automatically compounds up to 20 photos in one shutter, then multi-stacks the best ones into a final image, which you will find in your gallery app later. So, every photo you capture at night with the Galaxy S22 Series will almost certainly be flawless, as the final outcome is always the best of the best.


With Nightography, a powerful combination of software and hardware, Galaxy users can now capture the beauty of night sights and moments in photographs and make nights Epic. The Galaxy S22 Series is without a doubt an excellent camera for astrophotography and night photography.

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