The Life-Changing role of air purifiers in respiratory health

Staying indoors for long periods of time is now the new normal! Gone are the days where offices are referred to as second homes and gone are the times spent nonchalantly outdoors, soaking up the fresh air. The current pandemic has pushed everyone indoors − forcing many to adapt to living, working and exercising indoors. This shift has sparked numerous changes in households and many have moved to set up conducive work stations, exercise corners and interactive spots for online classes.

Wait! What about creating a conducive and healthy indoor environment?

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As we live and breathe behind the closed doors of our homes all day every day, indoor air quality is extremely important and it is something which cannot be compromised for health reasons. With the current Full Movement Control Order (FMCO) and the many different phases of Movement Control Orders (MCO) before, it is more crucial than ever that we take time to understand the importance of indoor air quality.

According to Malaysia’s Department of Environment, the country’s air pollutant index (API) during the third and fourth phase of MCO last year actually saw a 26% drop, recording healthier air compared to before the MCO started. With little to no movement from vehicles and almost all factories at a standstill, the country’s air somehow got cleaner, making it safer and healthier for all.

That said, wouldn’t we want the same for our homes and the air we breathe indoors?

Having access to clean air is a basic necessity which should be enjoyed by all and one of the best ways to purify indoor air, ridding it of contaminants and pollutants is with an air purifier.

As the world celebrates World Environment Day 2021 in the month of June, the celebration calls on the need for Ecosystem Restoration as all of us depend on a healthy ecosystem for survival. Although, not everyone can make big gestures like planting trees, we can in fact do our part by simply purifying the air around us and keeping harmful airborne pollutants at bay.

At Coway, a company which prides itself in being The Best Life Solution Company, it constantly strives to create a healthy and convenient living environment through innovation. With their range of air purifiers; TUBA, BREEZE, LOMBOK III and STORM, households can now achieve a healthier, purer air index to improve respiratory health.

“Coway always aims for the best and we are committed to becoming a part of our customers’ everyday life by ensuring they get access to clean water and healthy air. With staying indoors and working from home becoming a norm now, most people do not realise the importance of having clean air at home,” said Kyle Choi, Managing Director of Coway Malaysia.

“Even air at home can be hazardous, filled with unknown contaminants and pollutants which we cannot see. Without proper ventilation, the quality of air indoors could actually be worse than the outdoors,” he added.

Coway’s range of air purifiers is well thought of and built to fit the needs of all, regardless of the household size and age groups. With smart intelligent sensors and a sleek design, the BREEZE, STORM and TUBA air purifiers can rid the air of unseen contaminants at home.

Its latest air purifier, the LOMBOK III is built by Coway’s own research and development (R&D) team. It comes equipped with the latest technology that alerts users on the level of fine dust particles and the presence of strong odour in the air. LOMBOK III also comes with ioniser, providing more than just air filtration, it helps to eliminate activated oxygen and static electricity from the air. With the Resistive Barrier Discharge (RBD) Plasma and advanced 6-step filtration system, the LOMBOK III is made to effectively remove harmful gases, allergens and pollutants – ensuring cleaner indoor air for our homes.

More information on Coway’s air purifiers can be found at

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