realme x Heliot Emil _ Paris Fashion Week 2022

KUALA LUMPUR, March 9, 2022 – realme, the world’s fastest-growing smartphone brand, achieves yet another milestone as it makes it first debut at Paris Fashion week for the launch of its realme 9 Pro Series & co-created smartphone bag in collaboration with fashion brand HELIOT EMIL walking down the runway at the fashion event’s main calendar last week.

realme continues to shine as the trendiest smartphone brand in the market – staying true to its “Dare To Leap” spirit, realme ensures these values are not only present in the features of their products, but also in each overall design and how the brand connects with its users. The smartphone bag was designed in conjunction with the launch of the realme 9 Pro 5G Series, the latest addition to the brand’s popular Number Series. As realme’s first range of the series to launch in 2022, the realme 9 Pro+ 5G launches the Sony IMX766 OIS camera, the first smartphone brand to launch a flagship camera within its mid-tier price category. The phone also packs amazing features for a redefining user experience, such as its dual stereo speaker with Dolby Atmos™, a magical Light Shift Design that sparkles in the light, Ultra Smooth Display with high refresh rate, and the MediaTek Dimensity 920 5G processor that provides broader connectivity.

When Fashion meets Technology

When outerwear meets tech, the chance for the perfect collaboration isn’t missed and is brought to life – the Copenhagen-based fashion brand HELIOT EMIL holds values that are dedicated to creating innovative designs and technical processes, combining form and function in all their products. As HELIOT EMIL values matched ideally with the design philosophy of realme Design Studio, the two brands worked alongside each other to create a product that satisfies the audiences of both brands.

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Inspired by the realme 9 Pro 5G Series’ ‘Light Shift Design’, HELIOT EMIL and realme Design Studio co-created a customized chest strap bag for all its tech and fashion lovers. The debut of the chest strap bag was arranged and presented at the runway of Paris Fashion Week 2022.

The First Smartphone Chest Strap Bag featuring Photochromic Magic

The realme 9 Pro Series & co-created smartphone bag allows users to show off their latest Number Series through the bag’s creative design – for users who are out in the daylight, people will be able to see the back of the phone shift colours from blue to red when exposed to sunlight or UV lighting, inspired by the colour changing process of sunrise. The design also provides lens protection and features that allow for easy street snap action as users will be able to easily pull their smartphones out and instantly jump into content creator mode.

realme continue bringing the latest trends to the smartphone market to continue providing their younger audience devices that best match their personality – the smartphone brand isn’t the first to tap into the starry starlight trend. For instance, Coca Cola released their limited time ‘Starlight Coca Cola’, which launched under a “space” theme and inspired by the starry galaxies. Another example can be seen in luxury brand Louis Vuitton’s Starlight jewelry collection, providing items that leaves their customers dazzling and shining. Similar design concepts can also be seen from Masion Margiela and Island Stone.

A tech brand leading trendsetting designs

This collaboration marks another astounding milestone added to realme’s portfolio in terms of designing. realme built its Design Studio in 2020 – the brand’s independent design team that specializes in the industrial and visual design production of realme products. As the first mobile design studio in the smartphone industry, realme Design Studio has worked alongside prestige collaborators, including Eddie Opara, Chief Designer of Pentagram, Naoto Fukusawa, Japanese Master of Contemporary Industrial Designs, and Jose Levy, Cooperated Designer at Hermèsall having contributed their professional expertise to realme by designing trendsetting new products in partnership with the brand.

For this new collaboration, HELIOT EMIL founders have stepped in to become the latest Guest Designers of realme Design Studio, aiming to make waves in the design world by uniting technology and fashion under one roof. Together with the stunning Light Shift Design, the realme 9 Pro Series will lead the smartphone market as the trendiest design.

As a brand which was founded to enhance the youth’s needs, realme is not only providing trendsetting products, but also building up its own trendsetting culture. Other than designing powerful products with eye-catching designs, realme has also contributed in more ways to the art industry, such as music, fashion, and cutting-edge industrial designs. Combining youth culture into technology, realme continues to build its independent image and sharing the same values with its young consumers – Dares To Leap forward, and go beyond itself.

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