REDMAGIC Cyberbuds DAO TWS Has Landed in Malaysia Equipped with Qualcomm's Latest Bluetooth Technology

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Oct 5, 2023 – REDMAGIC, the gaming brand known for
its iconic flagship professional gaming smartphones, continues to expand its gaming
line with the new REDMAGIC Cyberbuds DAO TWS for international markets. The
wireless earphones offer seamless connectivity with a futuristic design and RGB
effects to offer comfort, and durability for gamers. Powered by Qualcomm’s latest
Bluetooth 5.3, Qualcomm S5, it offers a minimum delay of 28ms when connected
with the matching dongle. Capable of running as long as seven hours at a single
charge, the new Cyberbuds DAO TWS are compatible with PC, PS4, PS5, Switch
and android smartphones.

For a better gaming experience in various scenarios, users can modify the RGB
light effects and sound modes. The earphones and charging base have a modern

transparent design, showcasing cyber technology with cool RGB light effects and
sci-fi vibes. An application called “Goper” is also available in PlayStore and soon
in App Store, that allows users to manage functions such as codec format (SBC,
AAC, LE Audio, aptX, and LHDC 5.0), audio EQ modes, game modes, lighting
effects, and even pop-up window pairing when connected to a smartphone.

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The Cyberbud’s audio system boasts high-resolution wireless gold standard
certification thanks to its 11mm composite biological diaphragm and active noise
reduction of up to 48dB delivering high bit rate transmission and top-level sound
quality. The system also features ANC with multiple adaptive and manual noise
reduction modes that can be adjusted as per the user’s preference. All these
powerful specifications have granted the new earphones to receive the high-
resolution wireless gold standard certification by the Japan Audio Society.

Seamless Connectivity for Gamers to Move Freely Without Lag or Disruption

The Cyberbuds DAO TWS is a high-quality earphone that offers a range of EQ
modes to enhance sound effects for different gaming scenarios. These EQ modes
can be accessed easily through Goper. EQ modes are essentially sound profiles that
optimise the audio output for various situations, including gaming or music. Each EQ
mode enhances specific frequencies to create a more immersive experience that can
be personalised to each user’s unique needs and preferences. With these modes,
the Cyberbuds DAO TWS provides a more robust and rich listening experience.

The new earphones also feature low-latency mode, which can be enabled using a
dongle that comes with the product. This mode can reduce latency to as low as
28ms, making it ideal for gamers who need a fast and responsive audio output.
When connected to a PC or gaming console with a USB-A/type-C interface or a
headphone cockpit, the Cyberbuds DAO TWS provides a nearly identical experience
to wired headphones. Without the dongle the latency can go as low as 39ms. This
means that gamers can enjoy high-quality audio output without lag or delay, which
can make a big difference in gaming or other scenarios where timing is critical.

Designed for Comfort and Durability that Bring Games To Life

The REDMAGIC Cyberbuds DAO TWS boasts a futuristic and luxurious aesthetic
design. Its sleek design was carefully crafted to follow the signature colours of the
REDMAGIC 8S Pro, 4K gaming monitor, mechanical keyboard, and gaming mouse.
It provides comfort, durability, and high performance for everyday use.

The earphones’ stainless steel middle frame is robust and durable, while the full-face
laser-engraved pattern adds an extra layer of sophistication to its all-around design.
Available in a transparent silver colour, the REDMAGIC Cyberbuds DAO TWS
also includes a side sliding cover design and cool RGB lighting effects, providing
users with a refined eye-catching look.

The audio system boasts high-resolution wireless gold standard certification,
enabling high bit rate transmission and top-notch sound quality. Also, the earphones
are equipped with cVc three-mic call noise reduction technology, which works to
improve the clarity and quality of your voice during gaming sessions. This feature
helps to reduce background noise and other distractions, ensuring that users can
hear loud and clear, even in noisy environments.

For users searching for high-quality earphones that combine a futuristic style and
portability, the REDMAGIC Cyberbuds DAO TWS is a great choice. With Qualcomm
technology, these earphones offer a range of customizable features and useful
options. Offering an immersive gaming experience by capturing every sound and
detail, the Cyberbuds are the ultimate choice for anyone who wants to complement
their gaming and entertainment experience.

Other Key Features of the Cyberbuds DAO TWS by REDMAGIC:

● Moving coil: 11mm

● Diaphragm material: Wool paper/LCP film
● Voice coil: Copper-clad aluminium

● Battery capacity (charging box): 350mAh
● Battery capacity (earphones): 35mAh
● Charging time (charging case): Approximately 50 minutes
● Charging time (earphones): Approximately 40 minutes
● Earphone chip: Dual-core Qualcomm S5 with Bluetooth 5.3
● Dongle chip: Qualcomm S3
● Supported codecs: AAC, SBC, LE Audio, LHDC 5.0, aptX
● Control: Tap touch control
● Charging interface (charging compartment): Type-C
● Function buttons: Yes (charging compartment)
● Data interface (base): Type-C
● Dongle interface (base): Type-C
● Knob button (base): Yes
● Wireless charging capabilities (base): Yes
● App: Gopher available in Play Store and soon in App Store.

Pricing & Availability

Check out and visit REDMAGIC Website, REDMAGIC Malaysia Official Facebook
(REDMAGIC Malaysia MY) and Instagram ( for more info and latest

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