Samsung Electronics today announced it will be showcasing 13 innovative projects from its C-Lab program at CES 2022. Samsung will unveil four exciting projects from C-Lab Inside, its in-house venture program, and nine startups supported by C-Lab Outside, the company’s startup acceleration program, to the public.

C-Lab Inside: Four Projects From Samsung Employees To Debut

Since 2016, Samsung has been exhibiting its C-Lab Inside projects at Eureka Park, the main exhibition space for startups from around the world at CES. During the exhibition, the marketability and customer response will be gauged to enhance and further advance the startups’ projects. Those that have proven marketability will either transfer to an in-house division of Samsung or become spin-off projects that will be supported by the company.

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The four C-Lab Inside projects that will be exhibited are:

  • Piloto, an AI solution that helps children develop proper smartphone usage habits
  • PROBA, an AI-based online exam service for administrators, test-takers and supervisors
  • innovision, a nursery mobile for early detection of infant strabismus
  • ZamStar, a smart electric guitar that makes learning guitar easy with LED guides

C-Lab Outside: Nine Startups That Are Ready for the Global Market

Created in October 2018, C-Lab Outside is a startup acceleration program that was launched to invigorate the startup ecosystem in South Korea. Startups enrolled in the C-Lab Outside program are provided with office workspaces, expert mentoring from Samsung employees, participation in global IT exhibitions, and financial and investor relations support.

Five startups that have been incubated directly by Samsung over the past year and four startups from the Daegu Center and the Gyeong-buk Center for Creative Economy & Innovation that are part of C-Lab Outside will also participate in CES 2022. They include:

  • Petnow, an AI-based pet biometric recognition solution
  • Digisonic, a 3D immersive audio solution for mobile devices
  • Verses, an interactive metaverse music app
  • bitsensing, an array of imaging radar technology solutions for autonomous driving and smart cities
  • SELECTSTAR, an AI-based data collection and labelling platform
  • RGT Inc., a multifunctional modular serving robot
  • MoreDream Inc., an input system to improve accessibility and productivity for the visually impaired
  • Yellowknife, a vehicle display customization platform
  • MONIT, a smart diaper care solution for elderly patients

Furthermore, nine startups that have been spun off from C-Lab Inside also plan to set up their own exhibition booths at CES 2022. The spun-off startups that will exhibit include EVAR, Prinker Korea Inc., lululab and Linkface.

C-Lab Startups Recognized as Honorees and Best of Innovation at CES 2022

In November of 2021, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) announced CES 2022 Innovation Awards across 27 product categories, including those recognized as Best of Innovation. Projects from the C-Lab startups received one Best of Innovation award and 21 Innovation Awards Honoree nods for their standout technologies.

Notably, Petnow, which developed an AI-based biometric recognition solution for pets, was named a CES 2022 Best of Innovation award winner in the Software & Mobile Apps category. The Petnow app uses a camera to automatically detect, photograph and register a dog’s nose print, making it easier to find lost dogs.

C-Lab’s other award-winning products and services include: Digisonic, EVAR, lululab, Verses, bitsensing, Linkface, LUPLE, BLUEFEEL, Prinker Korea Inc, etc. The CES 2022 Innovation Award-winning products will be displayed separately at the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas.

“With the support of the C-Lab program, these startups have proven their technological prowess on the global stage, as evidenced by the most Innovation Awards ever at CES,” said Hark Kyu Park, President and Chief Financial Officer at Samsung Electronics. “We hope the startups that had difficulty expanding their businesses due to the pandemic will be able to target the global market more actively, starting with CES 2022.”

Samsung Plans To Have Nurtured 500 Startups by Next Year

Started in December 2012, C-Lab Inside nurtures employees’ innovative ideas while instilling a corporate culture in which creativity is at the fore. The program supports the development of ideas from all areas of the business. Since 2015, Samsung has been supporting successful C-Lab projects that demonstrate great market potential, and facilitating their launch as startups under the C-Lab spin-off policy. Leveraging the success of the C-Lab Inside initiative, C-Lab Outside has been expanding Samsung’s support for new ventures to startups and innovations outside of the Samsung network since 2018.

Samsung Electronics had previously announced that it would accelerate 300 Korean startups through C-Lab Outside and 200 projects through C-Lab Inside over a five-year period. The company has nurtured a total of 406 startups (244 from C-Lab Outside and 162 from C-Lab Inside) so far, and plans to reach 500 by next year.

Samsung Electronics will demonstrate its C-Lab products and services from January 5th through the 8th at the C-Lab exhibition booth on the first floor of Hall G at Venetian Expo (formerly Sands Expo), Eureka Park. Visitors who are unable to visit the site in person will be able to watch product videos online from today until January 30th on the C-Lab website (, and will also be offered chances to communicate with the startups.

[C-Lab Spin-Offs Participating in CES 2022]

CategoryStartupDescriptionLeadership/ Booth Location
Digital HealthLinkface[Innovation Honoree]Wearable ear dehumidifier that prevents otitis externaKyungsoo Lim /Sands Hall G,


Sports Technologyanalogue plusLeisure-sport helmet equipped withsmart communication functions and smart turn signalsMarco Park /Sands Hall A-C,


SustainabilityEVAR[Double Innovation Honoree]Smart EV charger with dynamic load-balancing technologyHun Lee /Sands Hall G,


AIToonsquareWebtoon production service that uses AIHoyoung Lee /Sands Hall G,


Mobile Hardware and AccessoriesPrinker Korea Inc.[Innovation Honoree]Mobile, digital device that makes it easy to create and apply water-resistant but soap-washable custom temporary tattoosJongin Lee /Sands Hall A-C,


Health &wellnessBLUEFEEL [Innovation Honoree]Real-time air quality monitor that measures fine dust, TVOCs, CO etc.Kangnam Kim /Sands Hall G,


AudioTechnologiesCATCHFLOWUltra-directional speaker that delivers targeted sound to specific areasTaeyoung Kim /Sands Hall G,


Digital Healthlululab[Double Innovation Honoree]AI solution that analyzes facial skin and provides personalized servicesYongjoon Choi /North Hall,


Health &WellnessLUPLE[Innovation Honoree]Smart sleep solution that uses light for biorhythm-careYoungduk Kim /Sands Hall G,


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