By Leslie Goh, Regional Head of Display, Southeast Asia & Oceania, Samsung Electronics


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The challenges in this ever-changing world have led to an accelerated demand for digital transformation in recent years. Now more than ever, there is a strong need to adapt to and evolve alongside multiple waves of disruption.


In fact, many business leaders whom I have spoken to said that the volatile business climate has not reduced the appetite for organizations to transform. On the contrary, businesses are finding greater urgency for change across a broad spectrum of activities, from redefining their service offerings to uplifting customer experiences.


Samsung Kiosks integrated into KFC Philippines’ restaurants


Another example is KFC Philippines, a quick service restaurant serving its secret recipe fried chicken at close to 400 stores nationwide. In 2017, its digital transformation journey first started with the integration of more than 1,000 Samsung large-format displays pre-installed with the MagicINFO™ platform, for digital menu boards across all stores. This helped KFC improve customer experiences by catering more visually appealing images, whilst ensuring their operations teams could continually update their menu board and promotions effectively and efficiently.


In 2022, KFC accelerated its digital transformation journey by integrating Samsung KM24A kiosks in restaurants and OM55B outdoor displays in drive-thru stores. By the end of 2024, 800 kiosks and over 150 OMB55B outdoor displays will also be deployed to minimize queues and increase order accuracy, and further elevate customer experiences.


A New Era of Innovation

The successful deployment story of KFC Philippines is a reminder of the risk-taking and innovation that are needed in today’s dynamic and competitive marketplace, whether in the F&B, retail, hospitality, or other sectors.


Staying ahead of the curve with our customers and partners means:


  • Having the urgency to take digital transformation to another level: With dynamic market conditions, agility is needed more than ever, with technology providing the crucial breakthrough in unlocking new value. As KFC discovered, digital technologies could radically open opportunities not possible before, enabling further growth.


  • Meeting the need for integrated solutions: While point solutions are attractive short-term options, larger and more complex challenges such as meeting sustainability goals require a more strategic and integrated approach. Similarly, to meet big market opportunities, such as winning over customers in the Gen Z and Gen M demographics, businesses have to redefine and transform their processes in a holistic rather than piecemeal fashion.


  • Not compromising on sustainability and security: Sustainability is now central to everything businesses do, from procuring to using energy efficiently and finally recycling their products from customers, post-purchase. Similarly, security has to be integrated into all parts of a digital business, ensuring that best practices are incorporated seamlessly to minimize risks while undergoing rapid digitalization at scale.


These sentiments were also shared amongst participants at the Samsung Display Tech Summit 2023, which was awarded Bronze for the “Best Brand Experience – B2B” event, at the prestigious Campaign Asia Pacific’s Event Marketing Awards 2024.


Held in October last year, the Summit was an immersive 2-day program in Seoul, South Korea, attended by enterprise customers and partners across the Southeast Asia and Oceania (SEAO) region. Here, we shared our technology vision while showcasing our latest display, IT and industrial solutions and services to help enterprises become more agile and competitive in the fast-evolving digital world.


An Integrated Approach to Big Challenges

With these same priorities in mind, Samsung is ready to help enterprise customers overcome their challenges and meet business goals with an entire ecosystem of products, services, and partners.


Through Samsung’s unifying offering for integrated IT and devices solutions and services, it is our company’s vision to help businesses in this region push the boundaries of what they can do and to enable the next dimension of digital transformation for organizations. The key here is seamlessly integrating end-to-end offerings in devices, services, and solutions to connect people and enable them to be more productive. In each area, Samsung is bringing its market leading expertise in technology and solutions.


Samsung has a wide range of devices such as the well-loved Galaxy series smartphones and devices that with industry-leading security innovations like Samsung Knox Matrix, infrastructure offerings from system air-conditioners to mobile networks as well as strong leadership positioning in display technologies. For the past 14 consecutive years, we have been an industry leader in the global signage market[1] by pushing innovation in LED and Micro LED technologies and also, developing a product strategy with a focus on sustainability that was recently recognized by System Contractor News, a leading audio and visual publication, through the Installation Product Awards for Most Innovative Sustainable Product Strategy in June 2023.


Combined with its solutions for device, display, content and smart building management, and enterprise grade Knox security services, Samsung can provide a holistic portfolio of seamlessly integrated offerings such as eco-conscious innovations showcased at CES 2024, to create the modern digital enterprise founded on commitments to security and sustainability.


Such an integrated approach would benefit, for example, an organization that wants to create a new company-wise workspace and is considering various options to not just optimize spaces but also enable new hybrid work experiences. A prime case study is the Jeju Dream Tower, where Samsung has provided smart signage for lobbies and rooms, TVs for all hotel rooms, central air-conditioning solutions, room management and mobile device systems.



For Every Business Need

Technology is crucial but only one part of the answer. To ensure that the various pieces of the puzzle come together to produce the desired results, Samsung works with trusted and experienced partners to transform products and services into end-to-end solutions.


Each industry is different and so are the needs. This is why Samsung also provides an array of solutions, products and services specifically designed for various verticals, ensuring that they are tailored to deliver results desired in each industry.



[1] Samsung Electronics achieved a 31.1% share of sales in the commercial display market in 2022, according to market researcher Omdia, ranking first. With this, Samsung Electronics proves that it is the strongest player in the commercial display market, and maintained the No. 1 position for 14 consecutive years from 2009 to 2022.” (Note: Consumer TVs, along with Commercial Lite and Hospitality TVs used for signage are excluded.)


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