Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, concepts such as “social distancing” and being “quarantined” have become such familiar terms. Malaysians nationwide have risen to the occasion to help flatten the curve by doing their bit to curb the spread as much as they can. Whether you are a frontliner fighting to save lives in the Emergency Room or just an everyday Malaysian playing your part by staying at home, rest assured that we are all in this together.


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Here are some #SamsungJagaYou tips on staying safe and sane all day and every day during MCO 3.0 with none other than the best smartphone in town—the Galaxy S21 Series 5G.


Tip 1: WTF – Where’s The Food?



Can’t go to your favorite cafes to satisfy your random cravings? Tap into your inner Michelin Star Chef and cook up a storm from your very own kitchen! With millions of recipes available online, you don’t need to go to the latest restaurants to reinvigorate your tastebuds. If cooking alone gets too boring for you, host a cook-with-me LIVE on Instagram and Facebook, or creatively record your experience on TikTok for all to see! With the 5nm AP built into your Galaxy S21 Series 5G, multitasking on your phone while cooking is now a breeze! Look up recipes, reply text messages and engage with your followers during the LIVE session and switch between these tasks without breaking a sweat!


The Samsung Galaxy S21 Series 5G’s Pro-Grade Camera can capture studio-quality photos of your latest creations in any setting and record your cooking videos in stunning 8K. The shots of your food will look as good as they taste! Try your hand at food photography or vlogging and share your delectable delights with the world on Instagram and don’t forget to use #withGalaxy.


Tip 2: Hustle for Those Muscles!



Don’t let the gym closure during the MCO 3.0 stop you from working out at home. Build those muscles, shed excess fats, and keep yourself fit because pandemic or not, it is evident that health is wealth, and exercising is the best activity you can invest your time in this season! Though starting your fitness journey may seem difficult at first, all it takes is a 15-minute daily jog at the local park to kick-start this new healthy habit! You can join online workout sessions led by expert trainers or go the extra mile to spice up your workout routine by trying new activities such as Calisthenics, Yoga, or maybe even Pilates which require no gym equipment.


With the Motion Mirror[1] feature on your Galaxy S21 Series 5G, you can project your smartphone to your TV[2] to help you ensure proper form. To keep you going, put on the Galaxy Buds Pro and listen to your specially curated fitness music playlist to pump you up! Staying at home all day may leave you feeling sluggish and demotivated but squeezing a workout session or two into your day may help you improve your mood and keep you energized.


As you embark on this fitness adventure at home, track your progress using the Samsung Health app from your Galaxy S21 Series 5G and pair it with the Galaxy Watch3 to measure your results. Nothing is more rewarding after a workout session than seeing how much you have progressed! Through the app on your Galaxy S21 Series 5G, you can track your step count, heart rate, and even get an estimate of how many calories you have burnt after your workout to ensure that you are on the right track towards your fitness goals.



Tip 3: Lepak Together Safely



With everyone stuck at home, the usual lepak sessions at your local mamak are a no-go, but you can still be that friend in need this MCO just by checking in regularly for a quick virtual hangout session with your loved ones! Video calls are the in-thing right now so whip out your Galaxy S21 Series 5G and start connecting. You can share your stories and spend quality time together as the intelligent battery helps you optimize battery usage so you can chat and stare longingly at the faces you miss for as long as you want.


Game like a champ all day too while staying connected with your friends on voice calls. Form your gaming dream team while safely tucked in bed and charge onwards into battle! Thanks to the 120Hz refresh rate on Galaxy S21 Series 5G display, you can experience smoother screen action and intuitive touch response to help you clutch the game and win! If that didn’t impress you yet, take advantage of the Galaxy S21 Series 5G’s enhanced game booster for better gameplay and performance so you can defeat evil bosses, take out the enemy teams and cheer at the end with your friends.



Tip 4: Are you still watching?



Watching movies on your Galaxy S21 Series 5G is the next best alternative to cure the cinema blues. Whether you’re into comedy, action, thrillers, or maybe even horror, there’s nothing like a good movie on a good screen, coupled with astounding stereo speakers to help you pass the time and keep you entertained!


Planning a movie marathon or binge-watching the latest season of your favorite shows for hours? The new Eye Comfort Shield feature that’s available on your Galaxy S21 Series 5G is designed to help keep your eyes protected from harmful blue lights and reduce eye fatigue as you look at the screen for long periods.


Furthermore, don’t let the travel restrictions stop you from going on crazy action-packed adventures! Thanks to the advanced display technology on the Dynamic Super AMOLED display, you will have a brighter screen, more vivid colors, and an immersive viewing experience that will make you feel as if you were going on epic adventures yourself. Let your imagination run wild as you follow the main characters on deadly journeys all over the world from the safety of your comfy crib!


Times are tough, but you are tougher! Our smartphones are proven today to be man’s most essential tool and the Galaxy S21 Series 5G is built with innovative technology and a well-connected ecosystem that can elevate your day-to-day experiences, even when you’re alone. Weathering the uncertainties and isolation alone can be difficult and with that, the Galaxy S21 Series 5G delivers the #SamsungJagaYou promise to keep you company, keep you connected and work for you to make your everyday moments epic. It is the best device you can have to bring out the best in you, every day.


Now you can seize everyday epic moments when you get your hands on the charming Galaxy S21 Series 5G with RM 400 instant rebate, and simply trade in your older devices and save up to RM 4,805 off! Catch the sale this weekend and don’t miss out on these big savings! Visit https://www.samsung.com/my/smartphones/galaxy-s21-5g/buy/ today!



[1] Motion Mirror only available on the selfie camera.
[2] Available only on Smart TVs that support Miracast.

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