It’s the time of year where we send our loved ones special messages to remind them that, despite the rough year that has passed, we are always thinking of them. Digital calligraphy, a craft that results in hand-made and easily shareable pieces of digital art, is an ideal way to share the love this holiday season.


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The Galaxy Tab S7+ is the perfect tool amid these imperfect times of late to hone your calligraphy skills on thanks to its wide variety of tools, colors and editing options. Take a look at the video below to see how calligraphy artist Kanggrim crafts a special end-of-year digital drawing on the Galaxy Tab S7+.



Tools of the Trade

Budding calligraphers can easily and freely control their linework as they get started with the artform on the Galaxy Tab S7+ thanks to its wide screen and the low latecy of the S Pen. Furthermore, the drawing tool of Samsung Notes on the Tab S7+ provides all the basic tools necessary and is simple enough for even beginners to master in a short time.


Getting Started in Three Simple Steps

Getting started with calligraphy on the Galaxy Tab S7+ really is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Step one is to check out the different range of pen options available on Samsung Notes, and from there, you can also customize the thickness and color of your utensil.


Once you’ve made your tool selection, it’s time for step two – get writing! As you go about putting your words down, you can easily erase and undo your mistakes with a tap and harness the Selection tool to adjust the dimensions of your writing.


Step three is where the fun really starts – it’s time to decorate! Once you’re satisfied with your text, you can add a background fill color, customize the color of individual words and even harness different pen styles to add fun decorations to your message.


For an extra expert boost when getting started with digital calligraphy, you can download the images below.




Sharing Your Warm Greetings with Your Family and Friends

Once you’ve finished your digital drawing, you can easily share it with your loved ones by uploading it to social media, attaching it in a message to a friend or even sharing it instantly with a nearby Galaxy user using the Quick Share feature.


For those looking for some holiday-themed inspiration for their digital pieces, check out these special seasonal pieces.



Finally, take a look at at the wallpapers for your Galaxy Tab S7 or S7+ below, and who knows, with just a little practice on your Galaxy Tab S7 or Tab S7+, you too could be creating your own wallpapers in no time!


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