It’s time we rethink the journey of our devices; because we know that even when you’re ready for an upgrade, your old one still has plenty of life to give.


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Ask yourself: what happens to your old smartphone? Maybe you throw it in a drawer or maybe you toss it in the trash to eventually end up in a landfill. Without properly disposing of our old devices, we all contribute to the rapidly growing global problem of electronic waste – or ‘e-waste’.


Each year, the world produces more than fifty million tons1 of waste from electronics alone, and less than 20% is formally recycled. Our world’s resources are finite, and we need to find a better, more sustainable way to use technology – one that transforms our system into a circular economy that continuously reuses and recycles our materials in an infinite loop.



We believe e-waste is a problem that we can tackle together. Seemingly simple actions can have a large ripple effect.


For example, did you know that extending the lifespan of all smartphones and other electronic devices by just one year can save as much carbon emissions as taking two million cars off the road2 each year?


We know that no one can solve this e-waste problem on their own. At Samsung, we have the responsibility and the opportunity to offer the infrastructure and the inspiration to our Galaxy users, so we can make progress together. Through our new sustainability platform, Galaxy for the Planet, we are committed to protecting the planet in everything we do from diverting all waste from landfills by 2025 to combatting global e-waste.


Across the product lifecycle, we’re enabling the entire Galaxy ecosystem to take simple, individual actions – billions of actions around the world – that, when amplified on a global scale, have the power to create positive change. Samsung offers several programs focused on promoting more eco-conscious habits in our daily lives that help Galaxy users to reduce, reuse and recycle the waste generated from old electronic devices.




Minimizing Waste With Product Repair

Around the world, we have nearly 5,000 Customer Service Centers with certified technicians who can help give your old Galaxy device a tune-up, even if you’re already set on purchasing a brand-new device. Through our Product Repair services, we’re helping you make your device last longer and cut down e-waste.



Optimizing Product Life With Android OS Upgrades

We help users maximize the life of their current device by supporting three generations of Android operating system (OS) upgrades and firmware security updates for a minimum of four years on millions of Galaxy devices.3 With this offering, we are extending the lifecycle of our Galaxy products and making a promise that we will provide a simple and secure mobile experience that takes advantage of the latest innovations for good.




Creating New Possibilities With Galaxy Upcycling

Our Galaxy Upcycling initiative enables consumers to repurpose Galaxy smartphones – giving them new life and opening new possibilities and extended value. Whether we’re providing innovative technologies to bring greater access to ophthalmic health care for underserved populations or converting smartphones into Internet of Things (IoT) devices like a baby or pet monitor, these simple changes not only help meet our personalized lifestyle needs but also foster a more circular economy.



Extending the Life of Our Devices Through Trade-In and Certified Re-Newed

Through our Trade-In and Certified Re-Newed (CRN) programs, we collect old and unused smartphones and prepare them to be reused for new uses and users. For example, users can donate their old smartphones for an instant credit toward a new one with our Trade-In program. Through Certified Re-Newed, old devices are evaluated, updated and repaired and receive the Certified Re-Newed stamp of approval, allowing us to offer like-new, powerful Galaxy technology to consumers while putting less strain on the planet.




Transforming Waste With Take-Back

Our Take-Back program4 encourages users to donate old or unused smartphones, tablets and PCs to be recycled properly and safely. Rather than generating additional e-waste, Samsung will collect your unwanted electronics and repurpose them in new ways and ensure the materials in your devices don’t end up in a landfill.


When you participate in just one of these programs, you’re contributing to the sustainability efforts of Galaxy users across the globe who are joining together to combat this environmental issue. Together, we’re promoting a more circular economy and protecting our planet’s natural resources for generations to come. Consider participating in our programs today!



Samsung is dedicated to delivering innovative technologies that help build a better future and empower users to adopt more sustainable practices. This also includes taking tangible action to reduce our environmental impact and reshape consumer experiences through our sustainability platform, Galaxy for the Planet.


To view Samsung’s sustainability progress, check out the 2021 Sustainability Report.


1 World Economic Forum, New Circular Vision for Electronics, 2019
2 World Economic Forum, How to Save the Planet, One Mobile Device at a Time, 2020
3 Availability of Android OS upgrades and security updates may vary by device and market. Upgrade schedule will depend on factors including but not limited to complexity of the update, model, as well as market penetration and more.
4 To learn more, please visit Samsung Customer Service Center in your region.

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