Tap into the Metaverse with Bilibili’s VCreator Theme Carnival!

Join Bilibili’s VCreator Theme Carnival to find out what VCreators do!

Kuala Lumpur, 25 July 2022 – Love VCreators and on the hunt for new VCreators to follow and enjoy? Bilibili, as Southeast Asia’s leading animation video platform, is the place to binge on VCreator content! To showcase their commitment to VCreators, Bilibili is launching a series of the VCreator Themed Carnival between July 15 to July 28, so get on Bilibili to show love and encouragement for these VCreators! 

Bilibili <3 VCreators 

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VCreators are content creators who create a virtual avatar with a distinct unique personality and character completely separate from their own.  VCreators’ content comes primarily from live-streaming gameplay of popular games, or by entertaining their fanbase by singing, acting, among other content types. Viewers and fans can interact with their favourite VCreator through these livestream sessions, furthering the VCreators’ popularity. One popular VCreator is Koneko Naru, who streams gameplay of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (or MLBB) on Bilibili for her viewers. 

VCreators and the content they have put out have captured the hearts of millions of fans since its inception a few years ago. With more VCreators joining the landscape, as Southeast Asia’s leading platform that serves the Anime, Comics, and Games (ACG) community, Bilibili is perfectly poised to lend guidance, opportunities and professional support to the new and aspiring VCreators joining their ranks. 

Bilibili does so by driving traffic to the VCreators’ live-streaming rooms. VCreators are featured on in-App banner placements, which expands the longer live times and leading to higher engagements. Bilibili also guides VCreators in content development, enabling VCreators to gain a better understanding of their content performances, the rules and regulations of the Bilibili platform and the platform ecosystem. 

“Bilibili gives us the creative freedom we need as content creators to put out quality content for our viewers. It also makes it easier for us to receive virtual gifts and tips from our viewers with the Bilibili gifting system. The atmosphere in Bilibili is competitive yet inspiring and fun. I would say that my experience with Bilibili has made me more serious about becoming a VCreator full time,” says Koneko Naru.

Koneko Naru on Bilibili platform

Reed Ux, another popular VCreator on Bilibili adds, “Bilibili is a platform that targets people who watch anime and adore video games. With the audience that Bilibili has, it is easier for me, as a VCreator, to grow my fanbase within a niche market. Most of the users on Bilibili share the same interests as me. Bilibili also provides us creators with an endless amount of support with the Bilibili staff constantly communicating with us to see if there is any way that they can support us.”


The VCreator Themed Carnival 

One exciting example of how Bilibili supports its VCreators is with its much-anticipated VCreator Themed Carnival. Held from July 15-July 28, fans and followers of Bilibili’s VCreators can watch them on scheduled live-streams throughout the Carnival such as VCreator Anime Recap with Elthea_notes on 26 July 2022.  
The carnival also gives the chance to viewers to win prizes. If viewers follow 15 VCreators during the Carnival period, they will get the chance to win a Grab Food voucher! In addition, they can also become a VCreator by filling up the form on the Bilibili platform. To find out more about the Bilibili VCreator Theme Carnival, visit https://www.bilibili.tv/marketing/activity-9l4xfNg8Gb.html or download the Bilibili app available on Google Play and the App Store.

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