The 11th Gen Intel Core Processors will be launched at the End of March


[Taipei, Taiwan] Excitingly, Intel’s latest CPU the 11th Gen Intel Core Processors will arrive on PST time March 30th (CES time March 30th / TW time March 30th). These new processors feature higher performance as well as support PCIe 4.0 solution, and going with the latest MSI 500 Series motherboards, Intel’s new processors will definitely present the best experience for both gamers and creators.

The 11th Gen Intel Core Processors include i9, i7 and i5 with K and non-K Series. With Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0, the Core i9-11900K frequency is up to 5.0GHz and the Core i7-11700K frequency is 5.0GHz. As for memory speed, DDR4 on new Intel platforms raises to 3200MHz. It is conceivable that new Intel core processors have more stable and effective performance, and it is worth the wait.

In order to deliver the excellent performance of the 11th Gen Intel Core Processors, MSI 500 Series motherboards meet your needs. It is assured that both performance and specifications are quite amazing; besides, the outward appearances of MSI’s new motherboards are completely well-designed, and the heatsinks show the brand-new colors. MSI MPG Series has the first violet black motherboard in the world, and MSI MAG Series has graphite black, pacific blue and midnight green for fans to choose what they like.

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For those who consider MSI Z490 motherboards, there is no need to worry. MSI has announced that MSI Z490 Series motherboards will support the 11th Gen Intel Core Processors. Even though you are not ready to switch to 500 Series platforms, you still have PCIe 4.0 solution on your MSI Z490 motherboards with 11th Gen Intel Core Processors. No matter Z490 Series or 500 Series, MSI motherboards must be the ideal choice.

Apart from great CPU and motherboards, GPU with Resizeable BAR(Re-size BAR) can also improve performance. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 is ready to support Resizeable BAR(Re-size BAR) with the latest BIOS update. All of MSI 500, 400 and 300 Series motherboards are released BIOS update for supporting Resizeable BAR(Re-size BAR) last month. Other GeForce RTX 30 Series drivers update will be released at the end of the month.

Please keep following MSI news for any updates.

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