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At Samsung, we believe that good things can always be better. This ethos has underpinned ground-braking innovations such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series, a productivity and entertainment powerhouse with next-level performance.


Delivering the full benefits of a regular smartphone in a sleek, compact form factor when closed, the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G unleashes its full potential when unfolded, supercharging the smartphone experience by delivering a tablet-like experience – all on an immersive 7.6-inch Infinity Flex Display.



The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G promises to make a difference in the way you work, consume entertainment and play games, as compared to conventional smartphones.



Work: Level up with the Multi-Active Window and S Pen



The limitations of a normal smartphone

Whether you’re working or studying, you would be able to rely on your smartphone to read notes, reply to emails, take a video call or perhaps make small revisions to a word document while on the go. However, due to the limited screen size, chances are you can only carry out one of these tasks at a time.


Attempts to reply to an email while on a video-call, for instance, remain a challenge. Meanwhile, the limitations of a finger touch make it cumbersome to make significant format and design changes to your documents.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G Difference

This is where Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G’s Multi-Active Window comes in, unlocking next-level multi-tasking you never knew was possible in a smartphone! Providing a PC-like experience, Multi-Active Window allows you to open three apps simultaneously on a large 7.6-inch display.



Picture this: You’re in the train and you receive a message from your co-worker, urgently asking you to combine your work-in-progress Microsoft Word document with his.


With Multi-Active Window, you can open the file you received from your colleague and your own working file on the Microsoft Office app[1] simultaneously, and seamlessly drag and drop items across both documents.  This is even easier when you use the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G with an S-Pen[2], which also allows you to scribble down notes and make sketches when you have your brainstorming sessions on the go.



And if you prefer to jot down notes in a meeting, you’ll be excited to learn that the S-Pen to Text function converts handwriting into digital text instantly!



If you need a quick breather from work, the Multi-Active Window can also come in handy while you indulge in a little retail therapy. For instance, you can now open your favorite e-commerce apps while browsing Instagram or TikTok for fashion inspiration.


And if you want to check out other options before making a purchase to make sure you’ve got the best deal, you can even split your browser and pull up yet another window!



Entertainment: An immersive AV viewing experience in your pocket



The limitations of a normal smartphone

If you love catching up on movies and TV series on the go, or even relying on your smartphone as an instructional companion for workouts, you would likely find the screen size of a normal smartphone lacking, but a tablet too bulky to bring around.


The Galaxy Z Fold3 5G Difference



The 7.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X Infinity Flex Display of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G unlocks a more immersive viewing experience, with the HDR10+ certification promising cinema-grade color and contrast, capable of displaying high-resolutions of up to 2208 x 1786 pixels.



A pleasant visual experience is not complete without impeccable audio. With the device’s new upgraded Dolby Atmos Stereo Speakers, you can now enjoy immersive sound with great clarity and depth. The stereo speakers deliver a multi-dimensional sound with incredible spatial effects, so no matter where you are, you’ll always feel like you’re at the center of the action!



With an IPX8[3] water resistance rating, the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G is also the perfect companion for your outdoor pursuits! Coupled with the new Eco² display technology that delivers a display that is 29% brighter[4] while consuming less energy[5], you can now feel more at ease even when you’re caught in the rain while having to answer your calls or if you unintentionally spilled water on your smartphone.



Gaming: An ultra-smooth experience with 120Hz refresh rate and under display camera



The limitations of a normal smartphone

For avid mobile gamers, the gaming experience on most smartphones that have smaller screen sizes and slower refresh rates is lacking.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G difference

Packed with a superior 120Hz adaptive refresh rate and an immersive 7.6-inch display, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G is built to take mobile gaming to the next level.


Additionally, with minimum pixels applied on top of the camera hole, Galaxy Z Fold3 features an increased viewable area so you can get an unbroken canvas without an annoying “camera hole” to disrupt your gameplay!



Until 31st October 2021, purchase the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G to receive a RM500 e-voucher and a one year plan of Samsung Care+ worth RM799[6][7]. Plus, until 30th November 2021, be entitled to enjoy 30% OFF the recommended retail price of up to three selected accessories when you purchase the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G!


To find out more about the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G launch offer, please visit:



Own a Galaxy Z Fold3 5G here today:




[1] Microsoft Office support for multi-instance requires latest update.
[2] S Pen sold separately. Only Galaxy Z Fold3 5G Main Screen has S Pen capability. Compatible only with the S Pen Fold Edition and S Pen Pro. All other S Pens or stylus pens not designed for Galaxy Z Fold3 5G (including those by other manufacturers) may damage the screen.
[3] IPX8 is based on test conditions for submersion in up to 1.5 meters of freshwater for up to 30 minutes. Not advised for beach or pool use. Not dust-resistant.
[4] Compared to Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2
[5] According to internal tests and measured by display panel basis. Comparison is in reference to Galaxy Z Fold2.
[6] Delivery/collection date for the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G is from 5th November 2021 onwards based on stock availability.
[7] While stocks last. Additional fee maybe payable for repair requests, visit www.samsung.com/my/offer/samsung-care-plus/for Samsung Care+ for full terms and conditions.

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