Designed to allow users to heighten their productivity and bring their ideas to life wherever they may be, the Galaxy Tab S7+ is revolutionizing users’ ability to work, create and consume entertainment on the go.


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Convenient and portable, the Galaxy Tab S7+ makes tasks like reading documents when you’re on the move easier than ever before. With its new and improved S Pen, users can additionally write out notes quickly and comfortably by hand when on the go. But what about typing on the tablet? Can typing on the Galaxy Tab S7+ ever truly be as comfortable and convenient as typing on a regular keyboard?



The Test

To truly put typing on the Galaxy Tab S7+ to the test, Samsung Newsroom brought in expert stenographer Jongheon Im. Required to be able to type at the same speed as a person speaks, Im transcribes a minute of speech first on two regular keyboards and then on a Galaxy Tab S7+ with the Galaxy Tab S7+ Book Cover Keyboard to see how the tablet stacks up. Check out the video below to see the results!


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