vivo Creates Unforgettable Moments for Global Fans at  FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

“GIVE IT A SHOT” campaign transcends boundaries and spreads happiness

Kuala Lumpur, 28 December 2022 – vivo, as the Official Smartphone and the only Official  Sponsor of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ in the smartphone industry, played an integral  role in connecting people across the world through its “GIVE IT A SHOT” global campaign at  the quadrennial tournament.

For the past month, fans have enjoyed exciting football matches at the FIFA World Cup  Qatar 2022™, with 32 teams competing to make it to the final on December 18, which  Argentina won after beating France to claim their third FIFA World Cup™.

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During a difficult year when people have faced challenges across the world, vivo’s  partnership with FIFA helped to transcend boundaries and bring people together to  share happiness and build connections. The campaigns were launched in waves to  ensure football fans across the world shared unforgettable, passionate moments from  the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.  

Successful campaigns spark creativity worldwide 

During the tournament, vivo, a global leading technology company, helped people  spread happiness and instilled a sense of togetherness for football fans who wanted  to capture the joy of the beautiful game and special moments with friends, family, and  loved ones. 

The first wave of #vivoGiveItAShot gave the 10 most creative participants the chance  to win a vivo phone and a football. It involved fans posting photos or videos with vivo  or football elements on Instagram accounts using #vivoGiveItaShot. The second wave 

vivo Mobile Communication Co., Ltd.


started on November 14 and will end on December 31. During this period, participants  are encouraged to share moments worth celebrating with special vivo filters and the  #vivoGiveItAShot on TikTok to win exclusive vivo or FIFA merchandise. Click here to  learn more about the #vivoGiveItaShot campaign. In addition, vivo collaborated with  famous street footballer and influencer Jack Downer on the #vivoGiveItaShot and  #vAreHereToShare campaigns for exciting offline TikTok street challenges and cross 

border conversations. Watch Jack’s street challenge TikTok video here.  

Furthermore, vivo also has the Fan Photographer Program which invited special guests to watch the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ live at stadiums for a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to enjoy the match closer than ever before. 

The power of togetherness creates an unforgettable festival


Bringing together the passion of football and music, vivo connected global football fans  through the FIFA Fan FestivalTM. DJ Khaled Mamdouh and DJ Cosmicat—two well known DJs from the Middle East—performed to thousands of football fans over four  different days during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. The DJs, who were accompanied by flag dancers, played classic hits and sublime remixes to hype up the  crowd, take the atmosphere to the next level, and bring fans together through the  power of music and passion for football. 

Besides, playing a key role in the successful hosting of the tournament, vivo provided  industry-leading flagship smartphones to FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ staff to help  their work with cutting-edge technologies during the event. 

“As the Official Smartphone of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, we are proud of the  important role we played in the success of this historic sporting event. Our cooperation  with FIFA helps connect fans around the world,” said Spark Ni, Senior Vice President  and Chief Marketing Officer at vivo. “Leveraging social media channels to break down  barriers, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ campaigns were a huge hit with football  fans of all races and genders. We believe strategic sports marketing could be an  important channel for vivo to share its leading smartphone technology and innovations  to a wider global audience.”  

As a brand that follows the mission of “joy of humanity”, vivo believes that sports can  build emotional connections between brands and users. vivo believes sponsorship of  sports events and activities strengthens vivo’s footprint across the globe in line with its  “More Local, More Global” strategy. For more information, please follow vivo Malaysia’s official Facebook

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