vivo GIVE IT A SHOT Campaign Empowers Football Fans  to Break Down Barriers at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

Online and offline campaigns brought the joy of football to people across the world 

Kuala Lumpur, 30 December 2022 – vivo, a global leading technology company,  harnessed the power of its smartphones to connect people from different cultures and  backgrounds through the #vivoGiveItaShot campaign prior, during, and after the FIFA  World Cup Qatar 2022™. vivo proudly announced it is the Official Smartphone and the  only Official Sponsor in the smartphone industry of the FIFA World Cup Qatar  2022™ in September. Adhering to its mission of “Joy of Humanity”, vivo created a  global community through its social media campaign to encourage fans to capture and  share magical moments with vivo smartphones and “Give it a shot” anywhere in the  world. Through taking and sharing photos of awe-inspiring moments, vivo hopes to resonate emotionally with more global users.

vivo’s love for this popular game is shared by millions of football fans across the world.  Tapping into this was key to the success of the #vivoGiveItaShot campaign. The online  and offline campaign gave global football fans the opportunity to “Give it a shot”, by taking memorable photos or videos to spread happiness with new people, stepping out  of their comfort zone, and embracing new adventures or challenges in life together with  vivo. The campaign was a catalyst for people across the globe to showcase their  unique identities and cultures to new audiences, and it brought people together from  all walks of life regardless of race or nationality.

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Released in two waves, the first wave was launched from October 10 to November 16  and empowered users to unite vivo and football through creative videos or photos with  football elements. The 10 most creative participants won a vivo phone and a football.  The timing of the first wave—before the start of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™— was instrumental in building excitement for the tournament. The second wave from  November 14 until December 31 pushed participants to have fun on TikTok, 

Facebook, and Instagram by completing online and offline challenges and sharing their 

vivo Mobile Communication Co., Ltd.


celebrations with football fans across the world during and after the FIFA World Cup  Qatar 2022™.

To reach a wider, younger audience, the second wave also featured popular street  footballer and influencer Jack Downer bringing excitement to the streets. Jack invited  people to participate in an offline street challenge which he filmed on vivo X80. He then shared the exciting video with millions of fans on TikTok to drive conversations about  the fun of football and the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. As of December 8, the  #vivoGiveItaShot TikTok challenge has attracted 380,000 user-generated videos and  744 million online views.

Combining the AR technology of the Meta platform with the front and rear cameras of  vivo phones, vivo also launched different user interaction filters on Facebook for this  online campaign. 

Great things happen when you give it a shot. The #vivoGiveItaShot campaign inspired  football fans to experience and share special moments of the beautiful game in unique  ways on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to win exclusive vivo and FIFA gifts. Moving  forward, vivo will continue to spread the “Joy of Humanity” through exciting campaigns  and innovative technology to help people across the world share beautiful moments.  For more information, please follow vivo Malaysia’s official Facebook Page.

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