A good night’s rest begins with good sleeping habits. Take on the Samsung Health’s Sleep Coaching Program to start improving your sleep quality today!


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Samsung Health understands that sleep needs vary from person to person, thus the program will be curated specially for you based on your sleep patterns. Get ready to be fed with a set of daily missions, checklists, helpful guidance and reports! They’ll push you towards refining your sleeping habits, and before you know it, you’ll be waking up on the right side of the bed every day.


Check out the video below and learn about how Samsung Health guides you through the 4 – 5 week sleep coaching program with daily missions.




Here’s 4 simple steps to start the Sleep Coaching Program:

Step 1: Set Up Sleep Coaching From Mobile

Start the program with a quick questionnaire and wear your Galaxy Watch for a week while you sleep. This will help gather a week’s worth of sleep data.



Step 2: Discover Your Sleep Type

After logging a week’s sleep data, you’ll be able to discover your Sleep Animal tailored to your sleep patterns and then start a 4-5 week sleep coaching program that suits you.



Step 3: Complete the Missions

You’ll be given Sleep Missions that will help you improve your sleep quality with notifications, follow the steps of Sleep Coaching program and read the recommended articles for tips to help you manage your sleep better



Step 4: Achieve Your Goal

Follow the Sleep Coaching Program to improve your Sleep Score. Check on your seven-day sleep analysis results every week. And when the sleep coaching period is over, you can see the improvements in your sleep quality.



Samsung Health, the power behind your next best day, learn more: https://www.samsung.com/my/apps/samsung-health/


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