WhatsHappening on Twitter and How Brands Can Tap Into Conversations on Twitter in 2022

Kuala Lumpur, 18 April 2022 – Twitter is #WhatsHappening and what people are talking about right now. Twitter is where public conversations come alive, where it grows, connects, and weaves with culture. It connects people, accelerates information, and sparks creativity. Twitter’s superpower has always been the active and leaned-in audience. The superpower has become more valuable to our customers today due to three key strengths, which are users’ growth with Southeast Asia becoming one of the key growth regions for Twitter; the influence by the diverse voices on Twitter that creates and shapes social movements, memes, conversations, news, and cultures around them; as well as the heartbeat of Twitter in this region, which is the emergence of unique communities. 

Emergence of popular Communities on Twitter that influence conversations across Southeast Asia Communities on Twitter emerged as a way for people with similar interests to connect, share, and get closer to the discussions that matter to them. In 2021, we have seen communities on Twitter come together to take leads on impactful activities, such as coordinating disaster response and relief efforts, or literature lovers unite to write a book based on Twitter Threads.

From #BeautyTwitter in Thailand where beauty enthusiasts actively share their perspectives about personal cares on Twitter; local fandoms in the Philippines passionately voicing their supports toward their favorite P-Pop artists; sports lovers in Indonesia roars loudly for their favourite athletes during competitions; gaming enthusiasts in Singapore shared their insights; to when medical experts in Malaysia band together to provide correct information regarding COVID-19 using #medtweetmy, passionate communities are the heartbeat of Twitter in Southeast Asia. 

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Through Topics, people will have the power to find the conversations and communities that are relevant to them from time to time. There are more than 12,000+ global Topics available across 11 languages.

Beyond 280 Characters

People already come to Twitter to talk about #WhatsHappening and they are always followed by people for their Tweets. In 2020, we introduced Twitter Spaces: live audio conversations on Twitter. From Tweeting to talking, Spaces unlocks conversations on Twitter and makes connections even stronger and more authentic – with the depth and power only the human voice can bring. Whether it be elevating interesting voices, connecting during cultural moments, or breaking news in real-time, there’s a Space for every topic and conversation. In addition, we now provide content creators with support through Ticketed Spaces, where they now can earn a share of revenue from tickets purchased from Twitter to attend the creators’ Ticketed Spaces. 

We know our growing audience is important to customers, and it’s their behaviours that really set them apart. Last year, we acquired Revue to give aspiring writers to larger publishers on Twitter a new way to distribute their pieces through an editorial newsletter. It’s where writers, experts and curators – from individual creators to journalists to publishers themselves – go to share their written work, spark meaningful conversations and build a loyal following. 

Marketing solutions and innovations

People hop onto Twitter to start, read, and join conversations about what’s happening and this includes conversations about brands. What people watch, buy, and consume is a huge part of the discussion, presenting an opportunity for brands to connect with those who are uniquely eager and engaged. 

Most importantly, conversation drives results. Word-of-mouth has always been important, but now marketers have the opportunity to understand how ads influence conversations and lead to business impact. Conversation can make your media dollars work harder, and can be directly fueled by paid media investment. 

Our advertising solutions include: 

Twitter Amplify 

Amplify is Twitter’s advertising solution that pairs brands with premium, timely publisher videos, and the target audiences that come to Twitter to view the ads. Through amplify, brands will have the opportunity to align themselves with #WhatsHappening around them as well as with culturally relevant videos that their target audiences are looking for. When brands paired their ads with in-feed premium video, it has the power to deliver 2.2x brand favorability and 1.7x purchase intent when compared to the same ads in a non-feed environment. To learn more about Twitter Amplify, please visit this link. 

Twitter Takeover 

Brands can now own the timeline and the Explore tab with Twitter’s Takeover ads. Through Timeline Takeover, brands can be at the top of the conversation as the first ad of the day on the timeline that people see when they visit their Twitter accounts. Timeline Takeover is an exclusive, single-day ad package that will help brands to reach massive receptive audiences over a 24-hour period using immersive autoplay videos at the top of the timeline. This will be very beneficial for brands who like to maximise their exposures on a single day, such as a launch day. 

Trend Takeover puts your ad alongside what’s trending and adds immersive video creative to your message through Trend Takeover+. It will give brands a 24-hour high impact takeover of the top Trends list on Twitter and the Explore tab on mobile, which will let brands be what’s happening on Twitter. 

By using Takeover, brands can keep their ads in conversations across desktop and mobile. Takeover will allow brands to maximise their reach and drive lifts across the platform, and along with immersive visual storytelling, will give brands avenues to elevate their launches and messages to new heights. 

Twitter Live 

Through Live Tweeting, brands can have the ability to tap into the conversation on Twitter. This can lead brands to stay relevant with the benefits of increased engagement, culturally relevant, connect with new communities or topics, and new Twitter followers. Find out more about Twitter live here. 

Branded Notifications 

Branded Notifications enable brands and advertisers to have 1-1 conversations with customers at scale, delivering time-triggered, automated @mention Tweets directly to opted-in users at the moments that matter the most.

By using Branded Notifications, brands can recontact followers with interests toward their campaigns, reinforce important dates or moments related to brands, create a more personal connection with their audiences at scale, capture interest with high-value content, and enable conversations at scale with customers. Branded Notifications will also provide brands the ability to capture attention on Twitter’s timeline and drive engagement with personalised as well as direct 1:1 touchpoints. 

Branded Notifications are available in three campaign formats: 

○ Scheduled Notification campaigns deliver an instant opt-in notification Tweet and single scheduled notification Tweet to each opted-in person. 

○ Subscription Notifications campaigns deliver an instant opt-in notification Tweet and multiple scheduled notification Tweets to each opted-in person. 

○ Instant Notification campaigns deliver an instant notification Tweet to each opted-in person. 

Branded Hashtags 

Branded Hashtags allow a brand to add a fun, visually appealing creative element whenever its hashtag is used on Twitter. They make a brand come alive by expressing the brand’s personality and immediately making it a part of the conversation. 

Mobile App Promotion 

People turn to Twitter to connect with their interests, and discover new ones. During the mobile app promotion beta, brands will have the ability to reach Twitter’s highly engaged audience to drive a large volume of cost-effective downloads. Know more about Twitter’s Mobile App Promotion through our blog and here. 

Multi-Destination Carousels

Carousel Ads on Twitter provide brands with the opportunities to reach new audiences and drive conversational traffic to reach new audiences through multiple images or videos. Brands can seamlessly undergo transitions creatively and in a flexible way through various products, and highlight specific features to tell stories. 

Twitter is a barometer of what a brand’s audience thinks is important. The service is used to gauge their mood, identify what they care about, and how they perceive a brand, an event or a topic. In Southeast Asia, almost 30 out of the top 100 most followed handles are brands .

In addition to simply following, people also engage and reach out to brands on Twitter, creating moments for engagement and relationship building. We’ve seen brands have discussions and interact with their audience. In fact, Twitter can provide brands with the opportunities to have a two-way conversation, sharing initiatives and offering, as well as gain feedback from their audience .2 

Brand safety

Brand safety is not just about protecting brands but people. After all, people are at the core of all the work brands and platforms do. At Twitter, we focus on 3 things: 

● Policies that lead by banning political ads on the platform and expand our misinformation labelling on Tweets that might be harmful. 

● Products that protect by giving people and brands more control to keep their experience on Twitter Safe. For instance, we developed a feature called “Reply Prompts” to encourage people to reconsider the language that they used before Tweeting. We also introduced Conversation Settings for Ads that allow brands to choose who can reply to their Tweets. 

● Partnerships that drive industry-wide change by seeking out experts’ and the public’s opinion to help us improve. We worked with several key regional and global partners across the advertising industry, such as IAB, MMA, Media Rating Council, 4As, Global Alliance for Responsible Media, and many more to keep people and brands safe on Twitter . Seeing these through the lens of people helps us protect brands even better. 

At Twitter, our purpose is to serve the public conversation and we are committed to provide a safe environment for everyone, including brands and customers, to participate in the conversations safely, freely, and confidently. We believe that brand safety is about the people who use our service, the people in our communities, and the people who manage brands’ accounts on Twitter daily. We will continue to invest the necessary efforts and resources as we firmly work towards creating the safest possible environment for the people and brands on our service. 

Products to look forward to

For businesses on our service, responding to customers on Twitter can go a long way to humanise the brand and ensure customers feel heard and valued. We are still working on more products to make sure that brands and customers can have the ultimate experience on Twitter. 

One of them is Twitter Shops that is currently being tested in the US. Through this product, brands can handpick a collection of up to 50 products to showcase to shoppers on Twitter. The feature is free and gives people the chance to view products from the profiles of their favourite brands. Twitter Shops is a part of Twitter’s larger efforts to support professionals, creators, small businesses, and to big brands, who are using our service. Stay tuned and we are looking forward to making shopping closer to you through Twitter.

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