Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA –– Global technology leader Xiaomi was awarded The BrandLaureate World’s e-Branding Award – Brand of the Year 2020 in Smartphones & Devices. The award, by The World Brands Foundation (TWBF), is in recognition of the company’s significant brand achievements during the challenging times caused by COVID-19. In addition, The Brand of the Year 2020 Award further recognises the achievements and success Xiaomi has made in Malaysia.


Xiaomi is the third-largest smartphone brand in the world and within the top five smartphone brands in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, according to Canalys in 2020 Q3. The company also made the Fortune Global 500 list, ranking 422nd.

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“We are proud to have received such a prestigious award by TWBF. Xiaomi consistently pushes the boundaries to ensure that our products are innovative and of high quality to stay ahead of technological trends and to cater to the changing demands of our customers. We believe that our mission of relentlessly building amazing products with honest prices to let everyone in the world enjoy a better life through innovative technology is what keeps us competitive and the best choice for our consumers, not just in Malaysia but globally as well,” says Mr. Nicolas Shi, General Manager, Xiaomi Malaysia and Singapore.


He continues, “Xiaomi is constantly at the edge of technology with its innovative smartphones and ecosystem products. 2021 will be no different for us, you can expect even more products from Xiaomi this year. We have recently launched our latest king of entry-level, Redmi 9T. So stay tuned, we can’t wait to reveal what 2021 has in stores for Malaysians.”


The World Brands Foundation’s (TWBF) world president Dr. KK Johan said, “We salute Xiaomi for their resilience in pushing the brand forward, and retaining its strong values even though the brand is no stranger to the local consumer market today. Xiaomi’s quality products, excellent price-to-performance ratio and its mission to enable the latest technology to be accessible by all are traits which we at TWBF support and stand for. As a global leader, Xiaomi’s determination to stay ahead in the industry amidst difficult situations, bringing continuity and sustainability to its business and brand is indeed admirable and in line with the theme of the Award, ‘TO BE SEEN, BE HEARD, BE KNOWN & BE REMEMBERED’.”

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