AMD Ryzen AI Software Update


The Ryzen AI software platform allows developers to take machine learning models trained in PyTorch or TensorFlow and run them on select laptops powered by AMD Ryzen™ AI technology. The software intelligently optimizes tasks and workloads, freeing-up CPU and GPU resources and enabling optimal performance at low power.

The AMD Ryzen™ 7040 series processors are built on cutting-edge 4nm process node to deliver outstanding performance and battery life in an ultrathin laptop. Select models offer the new Ryzen AI Engine, the first dedicated AI processing silicon on a Windows x86 processor1. Ryzen AI technology is designed to deliver AI-driven capabilities that you’ve never experienced before, in real time, right on your laptop.

Development Flow

How it Works

  • Trained Models: User selects (or develops) and trains a model in PyTorch and TensorFlow frameworks.
  • Quantization: AMD Vitis AI quantizer is used to quantize the model into INT8 and save it in ONNX format. Microsoft Olive is also supported, with Vitis AI quantizer as a plug-in.
  • Deployment: ONNX Runtime Vitis AI EP (Execution Provider) optimally partitions, compiles and executes the quantized ONNX models on Ryzen AI.

Ryzen AI Software Platform Documentation

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Documentation support is available for developing with the Ryzen AI Software Platform on models, tools, deep learning processor units, etc.

Visit the Documentation Portal to see all the Ryzen AI Software Platform documents.

Get Started / Resources

Developing using the Ryzen AI Software Platform

Follow the below steps to start your development:

AI Community

Looking to share your AI experiences, ask questions, and help solve issues? Check out the AI Community Forum.

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