KUALA LUMPUR, 8th June 2021 — Have you ever been frustrated with these questions: Have no idea which model perfectly meets your needs? Afraid of being charged unreasonably when replacing spare parts? Or worried about privacy invasion during repairs? Rest assured, OPPO is here to provide you reliability and assurance with our trustworthy services listed below.

For travelers

International Warranty Service:OPPO has taken the lead to launch IWS; for designated devices, you can enjoy warranty, repair and software upgrade services at authorized service centers in over 59 countries/regions.

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For self-service within your reach

1)     Live Chat/Service Hotline: At only one click away, OPPO users can now chat with our customer care experts at our official website https://www.oppo.com/my/contact/, when you have any issues from setting up your device to enquiry on new products. Not a fan of live chat? Give us a call at 1-800-88-6776 or 1-800-88-7666 (Find X series Premium Service).

2)     Website FAQs:For general queries, check out https://support.oppo.com/my/

3)     Service E-mail: If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to send us an email to OPPO’s mailbox.

For things that matter most during repairs

1)     Original Spare Parts:Only original spare parts are used for repairing at OPPO service centers.

2)     Price Transparency: The prices of spare parts are clearly displayed on the official website https://support.oppo.com/my/spare-parts-price/ and the service centers.

3)     Face-to-face Repairs:To ease your concerns, there is an option for you to choose to sit with the repair engineer and watch the entire repair process at any upgraded service center.

4)     Information Security:Rest assured that OPPO strictly abides by the General Data Protection Regulation to protect users’ privacy. No data would be taken or leaked while repairs are done.

For your daily care

1)     OPPO Care:There are several kinds of warranty service specifically designed for broken screens, back covers or other problems, such as Screen Protection Plan and Extended Warranty.

2)     Power Project:Enjoy free mobile charging service at any OPPO service center.

All available services vary from region to region, please consult local service center for specific services.

OPPO Support aims to ease users’ experience and to meet their increasingly diverse needs. It is much more than just troubleshooting repairs and enquiries, OPPO upholds their core faith of “care you care, within your reach” and will constantly upgrade their services to provide a better experience for all.

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