It might be a challenge to find creative moments for photography while we spend most of our time indoors or in self-isolation. It is the same four walls that we see while eating, sleeping or working. But thankfully, with a bit of creative thought and the right equipment, you can take some cool photographs without going outdoors!


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With the Galaxy S20 series, we can now take instagrammable indoor photos without any heavy equipment or additional camera lenses. The Galaxy S20’s camera seamlessly combines a cutting-edge camera hardware system with AI-powered software technology, so you never compromise on quality or simplicity. It changes the way you capture and goes beyond the moment you point and shoot to change every aspect of your camera experience. Let’s dive into some tips to help you improve your indoor photography:


Tip 1: Don’t be afraid to take night shots


When capturing scenes in low-light conditions, we are often disappointed to see that our pictures come out blurry, grainy or just dissimilar to what’s in front of us. But the Galaxy S20’s camera is set to change all that thanks to its larger image sensor, which means that even in default camera mode, photos and videos come out clear and true to life regardless of lighting conditions. Indeed, your balcony is a great choice to try out the night shot!


Photo taken by Galaxy S20 Ultra, credit to @ryywwng


Tip 2: Appreciate every little item in your home


Now that we are on restricted mobility, it could be easier to use the items in it as your subject. When you start looking around, you will realise there are tonnes of stuff that can be used to create interesting shots. All you need is some imagination to exploit them, it can be your food, glass, stairs and etc.


With 108MP resolution on the S20 Ultra and 64MP on the S20 and S20+, pictures taken on the devices are so pixel-perfect, you can zoom in on your cityscapes or striking landscape shots to see even the smallest details.



Photos taken by Galaxy S20 Ultra, credit to @malaysianflavours


Tip 3: Be creative on your camera settings


The Pro Mode setting in Galaxy S20 series allows you to have more creative control over your images by providing the opportunity to adjust certain settings, such as the aperture, exposure time, ISO and others that may affect your photography outcome. The Pro Mode is one of your best friends when taking low light photos, so learn to use it properly by adjusting the ISO or shutter speed. How to use the Pro Mode? That’s easy! What you need to do is just open your Galaxy S20 camera, swipe to “MORE” and select “Pro Mode”.



Photos taken by Galaxy S20+, credit to @750shot


Tip 4: Get a closer look at the subject you want


The Galaxy S20 series is packed with innovative new Zoom capabilities. Its Space Zoom feature gets you a closer look at the subjects, with the S20 and S20+ supporting up to 30x zoom and the S20 Ultra supporting up to a game-changing 100x zoom!


Space Zoom means you’re able to zoom in on what matters to you while retaining photo clarity. Even if you’re looking to take a picture of something really far away – such as the moon – you’ll be able to capture your luminescent subject as if it’s right there in front of you with Space Zoom.


Photo taken by Galaxy S20 Ultra, credit to @tianchad


Now that you’ve learned these tips for stunning indoor photos, let’s take a try with your Galaxy S20 series today! For more information, please visit


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