▲ Samsung Members Stars at Galaxy Unpacked with TM Roh


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This July, passionate power users from Samsung Members – our Samsung Members Stars – from Southeast Asia and Oceania (SEAO) were invited to Join the Flip Side and share in the excitement of seeing Samsung’s new devices unveiled live – the Galaxy Z Fold5, Galaxy Z Flip5, Galaxy Tab S9 series and Galaxy Watch6 series – at the recent Unpacked experience in Seoul.


Read more on the experiences of Patricia Figueroa, Singapore Members Star and full-time IT Manager, who began her tech influencer journey in the 2020s; as well as Calvin Choo and Pichayut Tananchayakul, Members Stars from Malaysia and Thailand respectively, who both enjoy mobile photography on their Galaxy smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.



Up Close and Personal with the Unpacked Experience

▲ Check out Calvin’s recap video of the Galaxy Unpacked program in Seoul. Download the video here.


On July 26, Samsung Members Stars far and wide gathered at COEX auditorium in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, for the first-ever live Galaxy Unpacked event to be held in the home country of Samsung Electronics’ headquarters.


They were part of the select few to witness the unveiling of the long-awaited Galaxy devices and hear from TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business, on how Samsung has continuously innovated to ensure the latest Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold5 cater for immersive experiences around self-expression, photography, multitasking, with better durability.



Aside from visiting top attractions in Seoul and Busan, our Members Stars were also treated to an exclusive, all-in-one experience which included a tour to Samsung Digital City in Suwon.


They were invited to visit Samsung C-Lab for a sneak peek at innovative projects supported by Samsung Research, as well as the Samsung Innovation Museum to learn more about Samsung’s rich history of innovation and commitment to building a better future.


▲ Samsung Members Stars at the ‘Flip Side Market Seongsu’


But that’s not all! We also invited our Members Stars to the exclusive opening ceremony of one of the seven Galaxy Experience Spaces worldwide, the “Flip Side Market Seongsu” in the trendy Seongsu neighborhood of Seoul.


▲ Samsung Members Stars creating engaging content at the Flip Side Market, Seongsu


They were one of the first to see and experience the showcase which displayed the evolution of Samsung’s Galaxy Z series, take epic selfies from different angles using the Galaxy Z Flip5’s precise camera at a booth with fun backgrounds and props, and customize their Galaxy Z Flip5 to their liking with the new Flipsuit Case.



Members Stars’ Pick: The Galaxy Z Flip5

▲ Check out how Calvin uses the Galaxy Z Flip5 to create amazing content here!


After experiencing the suite of the latest Galaxy devices, our Members Stars named the Galaxy Z Flip5 on top of their list of their favorite devices, echoing the sentiments of many users worldwide.


Patricia: The Galaxy Z Flip5 is a head-turner and testament to Samsung’s innovation over the years, especially looking back to the first Z Flip I had in 2020. Now with much the awaited Flex Window or larger cover screen, I think the Galaxy Z Flip will become even more popular and mainstream, while also remaining the gold standard for foldable smartphones for years to come.


Calvin: My favorites are the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra as both devices left me amazed at how slim and light they are while not compromising on the screen size and device performance. Aside from its content creation capabilities, the Galaxy Z Flip5 also enables easy access to third party app such as YouTube, WhatsApp, and more applications via the Flex Window – which is a total game-changer and offers an experience that I can’t get on any other smartphone.


Pitchayut: The Galaxy Z Flip5 is super lightweight and pocketable – I find it so easy to use! My favorite feature by far is the FlexCam, which makes accessing the camera and taking 0.5x selfies especially easy, while ensuring excellent quality for both photos and videos.



Join our Samsung community today!

▲ Pichayut taking a selfie with fellow Members Stars at Galaxy Unpacked 2023


The recent Galaxy Unpacked presented a valuable opportunity for Samsung Members Stars to not only get first dibs on the latest Samsung Galaxy devices but also connect with other Members Stars from across the region and worldwide.


For some, it was the first time getting to meet like-minded, passionate individuals who help keep Samsung users inspired and empowered to optimize their Galaxy devices and services on their respective Samsung Members platform.


Through their shared experiences of Unpacked, our Members Stars were united in creating the full experience of what this amazing community is meant to be – sharing love for all things Samsung across cultures and through deepened friendships.


If you have a passion for the value Samsung’s devices deliver, there’s no better time than now to share your unique experiences, knowledge, insights, and connect over common passions on Samsung Members today. Make active contributions and earn a chance to be rewarded with exclusive benefits, content, and experiences as a Samsung Members Star!


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